3D clay printers are so light and easy to set up they can easily be shared among schools

There are many benefits to using 3D clay printers as opposed to 3D printers that utilise plastics or other materials.  And key to better and wider use is that the machines are portable.

This means that once you have a 3D clay printer you can easily share it with other schools in your cluster – thus making the technology readily affordable across several schools, while allowing a large number of students to experience 3D printing for themselves.

What’s more, setting up the 3D clay printer is simplicity itself, and once set up one has a printer that produces its items within the time constraints of a standard lesson – and without any of the environmental impact that (for example) plastic 3D printing brings.

And just in case that were not enough, a clay printer produces products that parents will be pleased to have in the house – and indeed pleased to pay for, if sold at the school fete.

Now I appreciate that having 3D clay printers in schools is a new idea and we need to prove their worth, and that is why we are willing to let you have a 3D clay printer in your school for free, without obligation, for six weeks.

The 3D clay printer is, of course, delivered free of charge, provided with full training to the relevant member of staff, and naturally removed at the end.  Example 3D computer-models are provided to begin with, and our Vase Creator offers a simple and fast introduction to model design.

In terms of technical details, the 3D clay printer has a footprint of 550 x 350mm and a total height with the cartridge loaded of 1235mm.  As for installation, there are no special requirements – just two plug sockets.  And we deliver by hand at a time convenient to you.

If you are interested in taking a 3D clay printer for six weeks for free in your school in the spring term 2018, please do call us on 01926 865109 or email mike@claybot.co.uk

If you would like to see what the machine can do, there is a series of videos of the machine in operation on our website.  You can also find technical details etc at www.claybot.co.uk