Does your school or college have enough exam desks for your students …….? 

Exams aren’t far away and it’s perhaps easy to assume that there will be enough exam desks for all  students….. but suppose this isn’t the case….

It’s might be worth checking the stock of exam desks well before the exams are due to start, just to make sure there’s enough to go round.

Central Educational Supplies Ltd have been supplying exam desks (as well as other educational furniture) since 2004 and can often supply at very short notice…sometimes  just two or three working days.

Why not contact them now to see how they may be able to help with your exam preparations?

Central Educational Supplies Ltd can be contacted by:


phone: 020 7515 1797

or visit the website:

Central Educational Supplies Ltd.,  PO Box 999  London  E14 6SH