Free same day emergency supplies of first aid, hygiene and protection products for schools

Of course we all aim to keep good supplies of the key first aid items that we need – but emergencies can arise.

And when you do suddenly find you have just used the last of a particular first aid item, then waiting a day or two for the next delivery is really not an option.

Which is why we offer free same day emergency delivery in the Manchester and Liverpool areas.

Of course we also offer free next day delivery across the country on all orders over £50, which means if you can wait until tomorrow, we’ll get you the supplies you want, no matter where you are.

Which then brings us to the question of what we supply.

There’s far too much to set out in an email – and besides emails have a habit of vanishing into a virtual dustbin.  So we’ve set the list out on our website.

If you have a moment please do go to the site, bookmark the page, and then you can be assured that whatever you run out of, whenever you run out, it will be available on next day delivery.

(You might also want to pin our number on your notice board next to your phone – or indeed write it on label and stick that on your first aid cabinet, so when you do need us, no time is lost in finding the number).

But I would also like to throw in one other suggestion.

There are ten good environmental and social reasons why you might want to buy locally rather than through a national supplier, and I’ve taken the liberty of setting them out on our website.

Some school offices have printed it out the list and stuck it on their notice board, which I know our delivery people really love to see.  I know that uses up a sheet of paper and a micro millilitre of ink, but the environmental saving on just one order will cover such usage!

Of course schools may like us because they find they can save up to 64% on first aid products by buying from us, but I like to think their concern for the environment is part of the reason too.

We are at or call 0161 2236633 and request your free catalogue and sample pack.