Why the “Deck Ahoy Primary Mathematics Activities and Games” book comes with a serious argument warning.

Parent: What did you do in school today?

Child: We played cards.  It was good.

Parent: In the lesson?  You played cards in the lesson?

Child: Yup. What’s for tea?

Parent: Put that phone away.

Child: Why?

Parent: Well if you’ve been playing all day you’ll have to do some work now.

Child: That’s so unfair.

Fortunately the above scenario has only been reported to us in one case following a lesson using our “Deck Ahoy Primary Mathematics Activities and Games” book.

But in these days of multiple legal claims against publishers for providing highly effective materials for use in the classroom which then cause an argument at home, we are now obliged to point out the dangers of such materials.

“Deck Ahoy” can result in a significant upturn in the speed at which KS1 and KS2 children come to understand addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, statistics, time, ratios, squares, and cubes and graphs.

But it can also be responsible for some distressing scenes at home involving an estimated one child in every 18,352* that experiences the lesson.

You can read more about Deck Ahoy on our website and see a whole range of sample materials from the book.

*This is an estimate** and may not be true.

** Estimates not included in the book.

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