Beat the Price Increases on Interactive Touchscreens

There comes a time with all technology when more modern equipment supersedes it. Years ago we used blackboards with chalk. Several generations later we were using Interactive whiteboards (IWB) with projectors. Believe it or not these have been in circulation in schools for around twenty years.  However time moves on and schools are now moving over to Interactive Touchscreens (ITS). These have all the benefits of IWBs plus many more:

  • Use up to 75% less power
  • Crystal clear viewing in any light conditions
  • Useable in any rooms and are not wall dependent
  • No shadows
  • No need for unsightly projector fittings

There are several brands of ITS on the market but only one is so confident of its product that it offers a warranty of up to Seven Years. GeneeWorld offers a warranty on all its touchscreens of between five and seven years.

Genee is already a world renowned  brand in the education market as the leader in visualiser technology. They have used this knowledge of classroom technology and interactivity to design a board that can not only interact with legacy software, but has its own bespoke Spark software for giving you the very best results. To watch a 12 minute video of these products go to

Arkel Computer Services is an Accredited Geneeworld partner and can offer you best prices for all Genee products. If you have a requirement for an ITS, visualiser or any other Genee product please call Arkel on 01858 432495 or contact

Whilst current stock lasts, prices of Interactive Touch Screens start from £1299.

However, for your guidance we have listed the price of some of the more popular products below:

G-Touch Slim 55” Classic £1299

G-Touch Slim 65” Classic: £1896

Larger Screens are also available from 70” up to 86”. Prices on application.

We also offer a full installation and fitting service in your area. Please call 01858 432495 for prices which will vary according to quantity and size of the boards.

Genee Visualisers From £128

All prices are subject to delivery charges and VAT.

Arkel also offer all other forms of IT hardware and technical support. For a better idea of the scope of how we can help, go to: or call us on 01858 432495 or email

Arkel Computer Services Ltd, 38 Granville St, Market Harborough, Leics. LE16 9EX

Please note that because of the weakness of Sterling, prices will increase during September. Early orders will guarantee the best price.


Give your students the advantage of live performance

It’s the beginning of term, time is precious, so I’ll keep it short.

Fred Theatre has four productions touring to schools this year:

A CHRISTMAS CAROL (autumn term)

MACBETH and ROMEO AND JULIET (spring term)


Our schedule is filling up, but we are still able to book in performances.

To receive more information, please call Robert on 07974 210265 or email

Fred Theatre Limited

classic drama, contemporary theatre


If your school can’t quite afford to lease a brand-new minibus, has it considered leasing half?

Despite the recent huge growth in interest in learning outside the classroom, schools are limited as to how much Learning Outside the Classroom they can offer, not least because, as 60% of subject leaders reported, booking the school minibus can be somewhat of a challenge.

And in the current economic climate acquiring an additional minibus (even on a lease) is no longer a financially viable option for many schools, which is why some have opted to lease half a minibus – thus increasing their opportunity for LOtC.

Indeed the notion of leasing half a minibus might sound strange but it simply means sharing a minibus with a neighbouring school in the same cluster, trust or council, and thus reducing the costs associated with leasing an additional minibus by 50%.

If you are interested in learning more about leasing half a minibus and how it could work for your school, please do call 01753 859944 and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction. Alternatively, you can email

And if you would like to have a look at the type of minibuses that we regularly lease to schools before getting in contact, please visit

What are the two key factors most likely to enhance students’ A and AS level biology results?

Interestingly, the key factors that enhance student progress at A and AS level biology are by and large quite widely known and accepted by most teachers.

The problem has always been (at least until now) getting students to implement them.

The first factor, of course, involves stopping students simply “reading through” textbook materials and instead persuading them to move over to active learning in which they handle and manipulate information as they progress.

The second factor involves having a system through which students can rapidly find information on related concepts and issues, so that they neither make false assumptions nor fail to see how information across different topics fits together.

Because of the importance of these two issues, they were naturally at the centre of our thinking as my colleagues and I came to the task of devising a new set of materials for A and AS Level Biology.

As a result BIOZONE produced not a text book in the traditional sense, but an interactive workbook which forces the students to make their learning active, thus enhancing thinking and embedding the learning into the student’s long term memory.

At the same time we devised a unique tab system which identifies relevant online resources and connections to related concepts across the entire specification.  In short the learning more rapidly becomes part of a meaningful, unified approach, rather than a set of different topics.

To show how this works in practice I would be delighted to supply you with sample downloads completely free of charge.

Simply click here for these free resources.

Alternatively if you have any questions please do call 01283 530366 or email

Richard Allan