The simple and effective way to help students succeed in their maths lessons and exams……..


 Sometimes, however many times we  remind  students  to bring the right equipment to lessons and exams, there tends to be a few who have either forgotten they’ve got a maths lesson or exam  or have remembered,  but  arrive without a pen, ruler, pencil, compass  etc.

It’s now possible to obtain a “ready made” solution to this problem … 

The  “Value Maths Set”  contains a metal compass and half pencil, two quality black ink ballpens,  HB pencil, 15 cm ruler,  180 degree protractor, eraser and  sharpener.  All packed in a convenient “exam friendly,”   clear pvc zip up wallet. Reassuringly good value and an instant solution to the problem of students turning up for lessons and exams without the correct kit.

Only   £ 1.25  (160+)    £ 1.29  (80+)     £ 1.32  (1-79)      ex vat

The Value Maths Set is ideal to give out just before  lessons or exams  to ensure that every student has got what they need.  It’s  a simple and cost effective solution to the problems caused by students turning up without the right equipment.

Value Maths sets”  can be obtained from:

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