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How many books by Danish authors in your school library?

Yes, you probably have some fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen there, but can you even name another Danish author? Astrid Lindgren, you cry, but no, she was actually Swedish.

Your students are probably surprisingly knowledgeable about Danish literature, even so. While many have enjoyed the recent films about Thor and Loki, few realise these Super Heroes are ancient Gods from the Nordic myths and legends.

To motivate them to find out more, there’s a new Danish classic on offer called Erik and the Gods; Journey to Valhalla by the distinguished Dane Lars-Henrik Olsen. (He also set up the Panda Club for the World Wildlife Fund but that’s another story…)

Aimed at lovers of adventure stories such as ‘Beast Quest’ this rollicking tale of a13 year old battling Giants and Monsters, has been translated into English for the first time. It’s considered the Danish equivalent to ‘Lord of the Rings’ and has won awards in Denmark and the UK. And yes, there’s going to be a film…

If you would like to read a copy – or book the author to give a talk at your school in October – there is an immediate opportunity. Or if you’d like to know more about our other YA fiction titles in translation,  please do call 0203 261 0000 or email or simply visit our website today:

Cheryl Robson


£300 worth of complimentary books and career resources for your school

We are contacting you regarding our free books for schools offer:

How2Become Ltd, an award-winning careers and educational specialist, is currently working in partnership with over 100 schools, colleges and universities across the UK, including the University of Central Lancashire and the University of Kent, to provide free books and online testing of your choice for students and pupils looking to get a career.

To help your students get a job when they leave education, we are offering to send you £300 worth of FREE career resource books and free access to our online testing suites from the website

Claim my free books >

There is no catch – over 100 schools have already taken up our offer – simply select £300 worth of books and we will send them to you (we even cover the postage costs); we are simply trying to grow the awareness of our books amongst students and teachers.

To take up this free offer, or to find out more, simply contact our education coordinator, Gemma Butler, at:

Full details of all our resources can be found at

Kind regards,

Joshua Brown     Joshua Brown 
Operations Director
How2Become Ltd

As a librarian, how can you support young people with SEN to examine their own feelings and recognise those feelings in others?

Learning to read how other people feel and how to react is difficult for all young people. And, of course, it’s even more challenging for those with learning difficulties.

Which is why we have produced the Relationship Activity Pack – to help young people with special needs examine their own feelings – anger, frustration, embarrassment, happiness – and recognise those feelings in others.

The Relationship Activity Pack consists of:

  • Six story books, which support the ASDAN Transition Challenge and Towards Independence Life Skills courses, each exploring a different situation where it is important that young people identify their emotions, as well as the emotions of others.Titles include, “The Date: Rachel’s Story” and “The Date: Mike’s Story” (differing opinions and sides to a story), “Mum’s New Boyfriend” (accepting a parent’s new partner), “My Teacher” (understanding teacher/pupil relationships), “Sisters at War” (managing sibling tension) and “Staying Out Late” (the issues it raises with parents).
  • A CD-ROM providing electronic versions of the above titles, making it ideal for interactive whiteboard presentations and for students who would also benefit from listening to the text. It is also possible to edit and save the text to make your own story, create differentiated texts, and personalise the text with your students’ names to enhance engagement.
  • An extensive range of activity worksheets and interactive activities that encourage reading comprehension. Activities include: Missing Words, Quizzes, Drag and Drop, Words and Pictures, Picture Search, Keyword Flashcards, Wordsearch, Spot the Difference, and How Well Did You Read?.
  • Supporting resources for teachers including page-by-page notes for all the stories and assessment resources (feedback sheets and student record sheets).

The complete set of resources containing two copies of each of the six readers, the complete teacher book, and the CD Rom is available for £139 plus VAT (saving 10% on the price of individual elements).

Individual elements from the pack are also available separately.

For further information, please click here.  Alternatively, please email or call 01582 833205.

Janie Nicholas

Active reading strategies: free Boardworks presentation

Help your students become active readers using our free presentation!

The presentation covers seven active reading strategies, including empathising and inferring, using an engaging animation that provides helpful images to denote each strategy.

Packed with discussion questions to encourage critical thinking, this presentation is an ideal way to familiarise your students with active reading techniques.

Download the presentation from our English free stuff page!


The Boardworks team

What more can be done to inspire a love for reading and storybooks among your struggling readers on World Book Day and for evermore?

Supporting the development of reading skills among older pupils can be somewhat of a challenge, not least because fiction books that are of interest to them do not typically cater for their current reading abilities.

So inspiring a love for reading among these pupils can also be something of a challenge.

Fortunately, World Book Day (3rd March 2016) presents a great opportunity for you to introduce your struggling readers to the ‘Go! Pack’ series, which will inspire a love for reading and thus support the development of their reading skills.

The ‘Go! Pack’ is a set of 8 fantastic titles for pupils aged 11 and over with a reading age of six, and were designed by an experienced practitioner desperate for suitable reading material for her pupils.

Each book has high quality illustrations to support the story and help the reader achieve success and enjoyment in reading.

Titles in the ‘Go! Pack’ include: “Bad luck”, “Ghost in the House”, “Lights in the Mirror”, “Lion on the Loose”, “Missing”, “Not a Good Look”, “Shut Down” and “The Wrong Wheels”.

You can order Go! Books in any of these ways:

  • On our website
  • By phone on 01536 399017
  • By fax to 01536 399012
  • By email to     
  • By post to Multi-Sensory Learning, Earlstrees Court, Earlstrees Road, Corby, NN17 4HH

Learn about your library

Do your children understand basic terms about books and libraries?

This set of 20 ‘print your own’ pdf posters is guaranteed to make library introductions easy and memorable.

These bright, colourful posters cover: Alphabetical order, Author, Blurb, Book Title, Borrow, Contents page, Dewey numbers, Fiction, Finding books, Front Cover, Glossary, Illustrator, Index, Information Books, Picture Book, Renew a Book, Return a book, Spine.

They are incredible value for money! You can see all the posters here


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Office Manager
Carel Press

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