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Become Ofsted Outstanding with your 12 Month Facebook Content Calendar

Hi, my name is Dave Walker.

I am the UK’s leading Education Marketing Expert, and I’ve helped schools all over Europe use their online presence to grow their brand and build an Outstanding School for the last twenty years.

I’ve worked with hundreds of Senior Leaders in schools so I know exactly which problems stop schools communicating effectively with their audiences. I want to show you how to use social media to communicate effortlessly with your parents and prospective parents and reinforce your school as ‘Outstanding.’

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Every Head teacher wants their primary school to be ‘Outstanding’. Every Head teacher also knows that to get graded as ‘Outstanding’ against today’s Ofsted framework is tough to achieve. Part of becoming an ‘Outstanding’ school is doing things that matter, better and often differently than other schools. Most primary schools use social media to communicate with their parents and prospective parents, but not many primary schools do it well and with ease.

Your social media calendar will:

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Dave Walker

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Ofsted highlights low-level disruption. But it is still missing the fundamental question.

Ofsted has been commenting on the topic of low level disruptive behaviour since at least 2005 – and quite possibly before.    

And what is interesting is the lack of discussion as to why low-level disruption happens. What is the cause?

This is not a remote academic question, because normally understanding the cause of a problem is the key to solving the problem. In this case, however, it seems Ofsted thinks not.

The government office instead focusses on the notion that some teachers feel senior leaders do not understand what behaviour is really like in the classroom – and they cite PISA research which backs up this view.

In most organisations, if a problem exists and is not being solved, the issue of the cause quickly becomes the focal point. Find out why and then address the issue.

Indeed it can be argued that one of the great problems with approaches to discipline is that they are based on ideas and beliefs rather than practical experimentation which might establish whether a theory works in terms of reducing disruption and enhancing learning.

Even when such experimentation does exist, it can sometimes be the case that those who determine educational policy may set it aside when the experiment’s results don’t quite match their established political beliefs.

When it comes to behaviour and discipline there is research, the findings of which have never been countered, which shows that the key factor in determining the behaviour of pupils is not the syllabus of the school, parental expectations, nor indeed the socio-economic background of the students.

Rather it is the view of the staff within the school. In fact, where different staff hold different views on the issue of behaviour and discipline, then behavioural issues increase.

In short, when the staff genuinely agree to, and subsequently adopt, a unified policy then the problems vanish.

What makes this finding so important is that first, it puts the power to change pupil and student behaviour totally in the hands of the school and its managers, and second, it assures us all that change is possible.

This is the starting point for the volume, Improving attitudes, managing behaviour and reducing exclusions, a book that builds from the original research which proved this finding and which applies it to contemporary schooling.

The findings of the original research reviewed in the book are very clear: schools improve when all those in the school decide to improve the school, not because of government initiatives, Ofsted, or what anyone else tells us to do.

For, once a school has its own unified policy, and is able to project that policy to parents and students as an approach to which all staff agree, the unity of purpose of the school is established.

The key issue thus becomes the implementation and maintenance of the policy every day of the school year. And it is the implementation of this approach that “Improving attitudes” describes.

You can see some sample pages at

Publisher’s reference: T1813EMN ISBN: 978 1 86083 821 7


  • Photocopiable book £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • CD £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Book plus CD £31.94 plus £3.95 delivery

Prices include VAT.

You can purchase the report… please quote the order ref: T1813EMN

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EmailerbannerHi, my name is Dave Walker.

I am the UK’s leading Education Marketing Expert, and I’ve helped schools all over Europe use their online presence to grow their brand and build an Outstanding School for the last twenty years.

I’ve worked with hundreds of Senior Leaders in schools so I know exactly which problems stop schools building the best website. I want to show you how to go beyond these problems and build a website that reinforces your school as ‘Outstanding.’
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P.S. Take this one action and it could transform your schools ability to connect with its audiences and supercharge your school to ‘Outstanding’.

Pleasing Ofsted with homework

What is the simplest way of improving
the school’s Ofsted report?

If there is an issue that every Ofsted inspector is almost certain to look at in detail, it is homework.

This means they do not just check the homework set, but also how many children completed it, when it was marked, the engagement with parents, the way in which the marks given were used to direct further teaching…

As a result, a growing number of schools have decided to use homework as the key leverage point when focussing on raising their Ofsted report.

But of course, getting everyone to put in the maximum effort to complete their homework every time can be complex and difficult. And that is why our online program, Show My Homework, exists.

And indeed it is fair to say that a large number of schools have used Show My Homework as a prime mechanism for raising their Ofsted report to Outstanding.  This has been managed in two ways:

First, Show My Homework allows all colleagues to set and monitor homework quickly and effectively in a way that all children and parents can see.

Second, the service presents the record of all the homework set and gathers the marks and comments generated in one place.  This makes it easy for the inspector to see the homework set, the work done, the marks obtained, and the resultant analysis.

In both cases everyone (children, inspectors, you, your colleagues, and the parents) can see exactly what has been set. There are no more excuses for not knowing what the homework was.

Another reason that the program works so well is that the online system comes complete with a translation module ensuring that all homework is replicated in the students’ (and their parents’) own language.

Of course, we know that changing the way homework is set, recorded, and marked is a big decision.  So what most schools do is start with a totally free, without obligation, school demonstration or visit.

For more information please visit our website or if you would like to book in a free demo where you can benefit from Show My Homework free for KS1, please click here.

Alternatively you can email us at