What is the simplest way to ensure that you meet the new 30 minutes a day physical activity directive?

Like so many government directives, the new “30 minutes a day additional physical activity”, which is prescribed for all pupils from this term onwards, comes with a multitude of benefits but little guidance as to how such a programme may be fitted into the average school day.

Certainly on the benefits side there can be little argument, for report after report has shown that children in engaging in this sort of activity are less likely to become obese. Furthermore they will show an improvement in behaviour and academic achievement and will have a lower chance of suffering from mental health issues.

Indeed it is the sheer breadth of the benefits available to schools and pupils that has prompted imoves to develop a series of over 1000 curriculum-based active lessons and activities which meet the requirements of this new initiative.

So convinced are we of the benefits of the programme that we have decided to offer you a chance to use the programme free of charge.  With this option you and your colleagues can take any five lessons without any cost or commitment by the school.

What’s more, these lessons are each complete in themselves, with interactive movies, supporting lesson plans, flashcards, music and assessments, making the whole process easy to plan, teach, and evaluate.

In effect it means that the complete requirement of 30 minutes a day additional physical activity can now be met by the school using these resources, integrating them easily into the normal teaching timetable.

All the activities can take place in the normal classroom, hall, or outdoors, and, as the government reports clearly say, the results (in terms of improved learning, focus, and behaviour) will be witnessed very quickly indeed.

You can read more about the imoves active lessons and choose any five that you wish to try out, from literacy to science, from PSHE to PE, on our website.

You can, of course, sign up straightaway, but if you have any questions please do email enquiries@imoves.com or phone us on 0114 2661061.

Ian Pickles


What is the single most important issue when buying hoodies for school leavers?

Of course, when a hoodie, a tee-shirt, or anything else is chosen as part of the official leaving clothing for those now departing the school, the look of the items will be what attracts the students first of all.

But hidden behind this is a second factor, and one that turns out to be much more important.

Because it turns out that some items of leavers’ clothing are made on the basis that they are only going to be worn once or twice.  After that, it is argued, it doesn’t matter if the clothing deteriorates, because the leaver won’t be wearing it any more.

Thus the quality of the clothing can be cut.  But although such an approach does cut costs, it can also seriously damage the school’s reputation.  For it turns out that many leavers keep their leavers’ clothing as a memento.  And if they see it rapidly deteriorating that can affect their view of the school they have just left far more than one might imagine.

As we all know, negative comments spread like wildfire on social media, and therefore what should have been a positive statement about the old school now becomes a totally negative statement about the shoddiness of the clothing provided for the leavers.

Which is why there is one company, LeaversGear, which specialises in quality, not just for leavers but for all school apparel, be it for school trips, outdoor activities, or sports teams.

To take our hoodies as an example, we offer a slightly heavier weight at 310gsm against the cheaper standard 280 gsm, with double fabric hood and self colour chunky flat cords.  They have a kangaroo pouch pocket with concealed ipad and phone pocket, ribbed cuff and hem and twin needle stitching detail.

What’s more, not only is our quality exceptional, we are very competitively priced as well.

And there’s no need to guess at sizes; we will send you samples at no cost.  We just ask you to return the samples when you’ve finished with them.

For more details please see our website www.Leaversgear.com

For early response:-E-mail: enquiries@leaversgear.com

Phone 07801 897272

Leavers Gear
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How can disruptive behaviour be reduced?

A new approach has been developed in the UK to minimise the disruption caused by pupils who have behaviour problems and for others whose learning is undermined by emotional problems.  The solution is the Integrative Holistic model of Play Therapy.  This now has a clinical evidence base of over 12,000 cases showing its effectiveness.  It is being used in 45 countries and over 1500 primary schools in the UK.

When therapy is delivered to the standards of Play Therapy UK, between 77% and 84% of the children show a positive change as observed by teachers and parents.

Training for SENCOs, Teachers and Teaching Assistants is available at 13 conveniently located venues in the UK.  Post Graduate awards by Leeds Beckett University.   Admission to the Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists,  accredited by the Professional Standards Authority, an independent UK government funded agency.  www.playtherapyregister.org.uk

Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills – 15 days spread over 5 three day weekends to minimise time away from school.

One day Introduction to Play Therapy Course – find out more about the model, if it’s suitable for your school and our innovative training methods.

For more information: Email me personally at  mokijep@aol.com

Kind regards

Monika Jephcott – Chief Executive Play Therapy UK

‘No More Boys and Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free?’ – BBC documentary series

Following the launch of the BBC documentary series, ‘No More Boys and Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free?’, now is a better time than any to ensure that the message of gender equality is spread as far and wide as possible – not least because we are now fully equipped with the scientific backing that is required to persuade any sceptics.

For those of you who haven’t already watched it (highly recommended), the documentary series explores how gender stereotypes are affecting boys and girls alike, despite both genders being equally proficient, mentally and emotionally, as well as physically up until puberty.

A highly effective way of conveying this message to your pupils is in morning assemblies, which is why Brilliant Publications is giving away one of the 50 assembly stories from the popular Modern Christian Assembly Stories volume to whomever is interested.

This particular assembly story is entitled Comfort’s story: showing boys and girls they are equals, and challenges gender stereotypes, using football as the example.

Alongside the assembly story we have also provided some teacher notes which include links to PSMC and propose a range of questions that you can ask your pupils to get them involved. There is also a short explanation as to what the Christian view is on the topic, as well as a prayer that you can incorporate into the assembly, if you choose.

Click here for the FREE assembly story and accompanying teacher notes

For more information or to order Modern Christian Assembly Stories for £17.99 as a printed book, £12.99 as an e-book or both for £21.89,please visit www.brilliantpublications.co.

Alternatively, you can contact us by phone on 01449 766629 or by email at orders@tradecounter.co.uk

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