What is the easiest way to raise the grades and achievement of every pupil in the school?

The answer to this question was provided last school year by the government.  And it is rather curious, because I suspect that until most of us saw the evidence we wouldn’t have guessed.

It appears from a whole raft of medical evidence that 30 minutes a day of additional physical activity not only cuts down the chances of obesity but also results in dramatic improvements in behaviour and academic achievement.

As a bonus the children who engage in this will also have a lower chance of suffering from mental health issues during the rest of their school lives.

It is the sheer breadth of the benefits that pupils accrue through such activities that has prompted imoves to develop a series of over 1000 curriculum-based active lessons and activities which meet the requirements of this new initiative.

All of these can be undertaken within normal lessons within the regular classroom or, if you prefer, in a hall or outdoors.

So convinced are we of the benefits of the programme that we have decided to offer you a chance to use the programme free of charge.  In short you and your colleagues can take any five lessons without any cost or commitment by the school.

What’s more, these lessons are each complete in themselves, with interactive movies, supporting lesson plans, flashcards, music, and assessments, making the whole process easy to plan, teach, and evaluate.

In effect it means that the complete requirement of 30 minutes a day additional physical activity can now be met by the school using these resources, integrating them easily into the normal teaching timetable.

And the improvement in grades and achievement comes as a bonus.

You can read more about imoves’ active lessons and choose the lessons that you wish to try out, from literacy to science, from PSHE to PE, on our website.

You can, of course, sign up to the free use of the resources straightaway, but if you have any questions please do email enquiries@imoves.com or phone us on 0114 2661061.

Ian Pickles


Want to better support your boys?

Have you considered accredited mentoring?

How to effectively engage young males with education and provide them with the support and encouragement they need to go on to bigger and better things is always a concern for staff.

Mentoring, as well as offering an evidence-based approach to work with young men, helps young men to achieve their academic and vocational potential, addresses concerns related to problematic behaviours – and provides go-to support and signposting to other services from someone they have built trust with.

The Unit Award in Mentoring Boys and Young Men is a Level 2 award providing your staff/students with an understanding of mentoring work. Whether it is for your staff to better engage with boys or for the boys themselves to support one another, mentoring is an approach that has been shown to work.

The workshop covering the award criteria is 4 hours long. Each staff/student undertaking the award will be provided with their own copy of the Mengage course book: Mentoring Male: A guide to mentoring work with boys and young men. A Level 2 certificate will be issued upon completion.

The workshop costs £1295 for up to 10 staff or up to 15 students or a one-off date on Thursday 12th October CLICK HERE.

For more information or to discuss a booking, you can contact Liam by email at liam@mengage.co.uk or by phone on 07788725318.

Alternatively, you can visit our website at www.mengage.co.uk to see what else we offer with regards to mental health and raising boys’ achievement.

When should your school lease a minibus, and why?

When to lease: If you don’t have the large upfront costs of a minibus already in place, and can’t raise them anytime soon.

Why lease? It is quicker and easier to raise the monthly fee of a lease each month (or to cover a few months) than it is to raise the entire cost of a minibus in a short space of time.

Furthermore, when we consider the rate at which a vehicle depreciates, by the time any loan has been paid off the vehicle may no longer be considered a much of an asset. Thus, it could also be argued that leasing is more cost effective in the long run as you are paying to use the vehicle rather than own it.

When to lease: If you can’t raise enough money for the vehicle’s annual MOTs, services and repairs, and/or if you don’t have a member of staff who has time to organise the vehicle’s annual MOTs, services and repairs.

Why lease? Many leasing companies, such as Benchmark Leasing, can include the cost of the vehicle’s MOTs, services and some repairs* in the lease price, so there will be very little or no further costs to pay on top of the monthly lease fee. Additionally, Benchmark Leasing will help organise the minibus’s MOTs, services and repairs for you, so your staff can focus their attention on what they were employed to do: teach.

For more information about leasing a minibus with Benchmark Leasing, simply visit http://www.minibusleasing.co.uk/schools-minibus.php. Alternatively, you can call us on 01753 859944 or email us at minibus@benchmarkleasing.co.uk.

*Terms and conditions apply.