How would you like free maths kit when you order scientific calculators…..?


For 22 years I was a secondary school teacher working in inner London…….. and during this time one of the most frustrating aspects of my job was students who turned up for lessons without the right kit.

Sometimes it could simply be a pen they’d forgotten or, on one occasion (when I was working in a south London school)  five minutes before the start of the GCSE maths exam, one of the candidates asked me if he could borrow a calculator ! 

So where does the free maths kit come into all this ….?     

There’s a product called the “Value Maths set”  which contains the basic equipment needed for most maths lessons …. it’s not only reasonably priced but can be a big help for both students and teachers in avoiding the disruption which may be caused when some students turn up for their lessons without the right kit.

From just £ 1.25 each, (ex vat) it contains a metal compass with half pencil, two good quality black ink pens, eraser, sharpener, 15 cm ruler, protractor, and a full length HB pencil…. All packed in a handy “exam friendly” clear PVC wallet with a zip slider.

For a limited period it’s possible to get free stocks of this product …see the website of

Signpost Educational Ltd.,  for full details or phone them on 020 7515 1797 or email: