What is the simplest way to ensure that you meet the new 30 minutes a day physical activity directive?

Like so many government directives, the new “30 minutes a day additional physical activity”, which is prescribed for all pupils from this term onwards, comes with a multitude of benefits but little guidance as to how such a programme may be fitted into the average school day.

Certainly on the benefits side there can be little argument, for report after report has shown that children in engaging in this sort of activity are less likely to become obese. Furthermore they will show an improvement in behaviour and academic achievement and will have a lower chance of suffering from mental health issues.

Indeed it is the sheer breadth of the benefits available to schools and pupils that has prompted imoves to develop a series of over 1000 curriculum-based active lessons and activities which meet the requirements of this new initiative.

So convinced are we of the benefits of the programme that we have decided to offer you a chance to use the programme free of charge.  With this option you and your colleagues can take any five lessons without any cost or commitment by the school.

What’s more, these lessons are each complete in themselves, with interactive movies, supporting lesson plans, flashcards, music and assessments, making the whole process easy to plan, teach, and evaluate.

In effect it means that the complete requirement of 30 minutes a day additional physical activity can now be met by the school using these resources, integrating them easily into the normal teaching timetable.

All the activities can take place in the normal classroom, hall, or outdoors, and, as the government reports clearly say, the results (in terms of improved learning, focus, and behaviour) will be witnessed very quickly indeed.

You can read more about the imoves active lessons and choose any five that you wish to try out, from literacy to science, from PSHE to PE, on our website.

You can, of course, sign up straightaway, but if you have any questions please do email enquiries@imoves.com or phone us on 0114 2661061.

Ian Pickles