How can an individual student most readily reach his/her full potential?

There is a conundrum here: how does any of us know what our full potential is?  How do we know which subject will be the one that will allow us to shine?  How do we know which job we would enjoy the most; which profession we would be the most successful in?

Furthermore, the world of work is increasingly focussed on teams of people working together.  As a result employers are not looking for hard-working all-rounders, but for people who can bring something particular to the team.

They want the brilliantly creative (but annoyingly forgetful) person, working alongside one who methodically evaluates all the options and then makes rapid judgements.  The specialist inevitably overloading everyone with too much information working alongside the implementer who picks the key points, plans the strategy, and makes it happen.

Thus employers do indeed need perfectionists who will painstakingly work through the matter at hand to weed out the errors.  But they also need the free thinkers who can suddenly come up with previously unimagined solutions to problems within the company.

As a result the people who get the exciting jobs are the ones who can identify themselves correctly within the multiplicity of roles that organisations now have.  The old days of being able to write a catch all CV which focuses on exam results and says, “I’m hard working, a team player, reliable and practical, but also creative…”  are long gone

GetSet from Belbin is a questionnaire-based approach to helping students find out about their own strengths and talents.

To help you see the value that can be gained from completing the survey, we are very happy to offer you the chance to take the GetSet questionnaire yourself at no cost or obligation.

Then, if you feel it would be helpful to your students you can arrange for the questionnaire to be made available to those students whom you nominate.

To apply for a free questionnaire for yourself or one of your students please click here – click  the contact us at the top of the page and write ‘a free one please’ in the box. To read more about GetSet please do look at our website here .   Or if you have any questions please email or phone 01223 264975.

Lisa Ward