All teachers love meetings … So why not hold another one!

There is no perfect way to run a business and lessons unfortunately are often learnt and understood the hard way – when something goes wrong!

In order that students might see how things can go wrong, or how they can go right, we’ve put together a great business exercise called Management Meetings. It is designed to simulate a formal meeting and give students the opportunity to practice decision making in a working environment.

The exercise is suitable for KS4, Sixth Form and Business Studies students who are divided into small teams of 8. Each will act as a senior manager in a department store. Each manager will have individual briefing notes that set out their own departments’ problems.

The Scenario: A large department store, built over two floors and enjoys a prominent position in the local town. It has six departments: Food, Ladies Outerwear, Menswear, Children’s Wear, Lingerie and Homeware.

The Problems: It is approaching Christmas and one of the problems facing the management of the store is where to locate the special gift area which will have a very high sales turnover. Staff problems, stock and security issues are plentiful. How will your students deal with them?

Teamwork, communication, negotiation and problem solving skills are the key to success.

This resource contains: clear teachers’ guidance notes that explain how to run the exercise and include the key information from the job roles, job roles briefing notes for eight students, an organisational chart showing reporting lines and a floor plan of the store.

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