Promoting exercise within the school

Do you have any budding Olympians in your playground or would you like to promote exercise (both structured and at playtime) for the whole school?

If so we have designed and created ‘The IQ Line’ – probably the ultimate activity to promote the ABC’s (Agility, Balance & Co-ordination) in the playground.

But don’t take our word for it – see what your colleagues and children say:

  • ‘Improves your balance & memory’ (KS2)
  • ‘Great brain teaser’ (KS2)
  • ‘Good for fun & exercise’ (KS1)
  • ‘Great to see who can do it the quickest’ (KS2)
  • ‘Brilliant – the children use it over and over again’ (Teacher)
  • ‘We enjoyed giving it a go’ (Parent!)
  • ‘Superb for getting the children involved in PE’ (Sports co-ordinator)

See for yourself, how The IQ Line could help generate more exercise, team building, structured play – and – provide the whole school with a fantastic PE aid

and let us know if you would like more information on this unique activity.



Mike Jarvie
Education Co-ordinator
T 01625 574 800

What is the inevitable consequence of ever increased levels of recycling?

The most obvious answer to that question is that more recycling is good for the environment, and that means that we and our partner schools are all doing our bit in removing unwanted computer equipment from schools and disposing of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

But there are other implications too. For PRM Green Technologies it has meant moving into a new purpose-designed recycling centre.

And that is also good news, because it means that more and more schools are putting out their unwanted equipment for recycling. It doesn’t cost the school anything, and it gives a good lead to parents and the students when they see what the school is achieving.

As for the new recycling premises, it means we have been able to be involved in the design of the new centre.

Given that the new premises are (at 16,500 square feet) considerably larger than our old work environment, it means we have been able to expand our daily collection services from schools without fear of overloading the recycling work.

And, although no one has ever broken into our premises to rummage among the equipment waiting to be recycled, we thought it not a bad idea to up the level of security on the site, just in case.

So we have put in high security gates and fencing, plus 24 hour CCTV and alarm systems throughout. As we said already, no one has tried to break into recycling areas, but we’ve also increased our vetting procedures. Again, just in case.

All this means there is even less danger of our service being interrupted than there was before. We continue to offer a 100% free service to schools across the UK mainland.

So we can continue to provide an excellent and cost-effective method of disposing of old IT and telecommunications equipment in an environmentally-friendly manner, free of charge. If your school has not used us before, there is no question about whether we will have the capacity to take on your unwanted IT equipment.

The answer is, yes we can. We have the space.

For more information on free secure services provided by PRM Green Technologies, please call Richard Manning on 0800 840 9195 or visit our website at

Have your Nursery School Mural Painted this Summer

We collaborate with nurseries to create their perfect murals for all occasions.
Some of the benefits of having a mural workshop at your school are:
• Boosting self-esteem, confidence building and promoting teamwork with the children that take part.
• Creating stunning environments for your pupils to play in.
• Turning your nursery’s favourite colourful picture books into life-size images on the wall.
• Giving the children the opportunity to interact with professorial artists.
• Our indoor and outdoor murals are guaranteed for ten years plus, because we always prep the walls properly.


For more details please visit our web site at or to make an appointment for a consultation, call 0845 519 5275. We look forward to hearing from you.

Call 0845 519 5275 or email

Please quote HH1 when making any enquiry.