Sarajevo – the spark that ignited the world!

With 2014 marking the centenary of the outbreak of The Great War, what better place is there to visit to bring this period of world history alive?

Sarajevo is one of the most historically interesting cities in Europe. It is a place where the Western & Eastern Roman Empire split; where the people of the Christian west, Eastern Orthodox and the Ottoman south, met, lived and battled. At the start of the 20th Century, its name became synonymous with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and the subsequent outbreak of WW1. Sarajevo City will be hosting a range of commemorative events to mark the centenary of this landmark event in world history.

At School’s Own, our aim is to provide you with affordable, ready-made or bespoke courses for GCSE and A level history that allow maximum uptake amongst your students. Our prices start from as little as £425, including flights, individual travel and medical insurance, in-country travel, food, accommodation and essential equipment for all activities for a 5 day/4 night tour.

School’s Own is a specialist in this area and we provide all forms and risk assessments and offer resources to meet the requirements of your own school’s curriculum and the learning needs of your students. We can even arrange a pre-tour inspection visit for you and a colleague at no extra cost to you or your students. For further information about our tours visit or, contact me directly by email at or by phone on 0203 195 3840.

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The Foundations of Wealth

Although it is rooted in the concrete realities of life, economics often appears to students as a series of abstract nouns – productivity, supply, demand, price, surplus, scarcity and so on… that inevitably create a barrier between the student and the economic principles of enterprise.

From the author of comedy series “Yes Minister” and “Yes Prime Minister”, Sir Antony Jay, “The Foundations of Wealth” has been designed to present basic economics to pupils in an absorbing and entertaining way.

Keeping students’ attention whilst presenting economic principles through combining high quality animation and documentary film material, “The Foundations Of Wealth” features 10 video episodes on 2 DVDs with accompanying downloadable support material.

“The Foundations of Wealth” tells the story of how a primitive community makes its way from a subsistence economy to prosperity by a succession of devices – division of labour, mechanisation, money, markets, price etc. – as we follow two animated characters and the community they live in, through a series of economic changes and developments that illustrate the foundations of basic economic principles and mechanisms, which are then presented at work in the real world.

Carefully researched and developed with teachers to provide a valuable tool for teaching economics in the classroom, “The Foundations of Wealth” episodes are also suitable for any course where the basics of economics need to be introduced or explained in a clear, memorable and entertaining way!

Episode 1. How It All Began (11 mins) – Key concepts: subsistence level, subsistence economy, scarcity, surplus

Episode 2. Division of Labour – i. Product (9 mins) – Key concepts: organisation, specialisation, efficiency, investment, capital

Episode 3. Division of Labour – ii. Process (10 mins) – Key concepts: trade, productivity, exports and imports, production line

Episode 4. Mechanisation (10 mins) – Key concepts: mechanical device, energy source, harnessing

Episode 5. A Life Worth Living (11 mins) – Key concepts: cultivation, goods and services, natural resources, leisure

Episode 6. The Market (11 mins) – Key concepts: voluntary exchange, command economy, incentive

Episode 7. Money (11 mins) – Key concepts: token of value, store of value, measure of wealth

Episode 8. Supply, Demand and Price – i. Price and the consumer (13 mins) – Key concepts: prices as information, law of demand, relative value

Episode 9. Supply, Demand and Price – ii. Price and the producer (13 mins) – Key concepts: gluts and shortages, innovation, law of supply, equilibrium price

Episode 10.The Mixed Economy (11 mins) – Key concepts: planned economy, market economy, public goods

All 10 episodes are available on 2 chaptered DVD’s and are accompanied by downloadable worksheets to reinforce the economic principles covered – View Sample Support Material

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