Put a new boiler into your school and the chances are it will still be working perfectly well in 10 years time. School websites, however, are not like that.

If there is one factor that is common to many primary school websites it is that once the site has been put up, it is generally forgotten by many people who work in the school.

In a sense this is quite reasonable. In your position in the school you expect to know what’s going on. If one of your colleagues institutes a change you expect to be sent a note or an email to that effect.

So you don’t really need to go to the website, but that can also be dangerous – for two reasons.

First, situations within your school can change, and so what is on the website can go out-of-date. Second, the way in which people look at your website will change.

Of course, if your school is in the process of a significant transition, for example, opening up a new nursery unit or introducing a new “learning in the environment” scheme, you will be thinking about changing the whole website to reflect these developments.

But you might forget that whereas five years ago very few parents would look at your site via a mobile device, now around half of parents do exactly this. And what they find is that many school websites do not look good when seen on a mobile device.

Therefore, we can also design a mobile app version of your website which parents can add to their mobile phones.

If you would like to talk about how your school can respond to these challenges of constant change via its website please do get in touch. You can find out more about us on http://www.inco-education.co.uk/article-what-makes-a-brilliant-school-website.php or, if you prefer, email us the details of your website, and your phone number (and let us know a convenient time to call) and we will come back to you with our thoughts on what changes we might suggest to your website.

You can reach us on info@inco-education.co.uk

Listening to Music Revision Activities

Listening to Music Revision Activities is one of those books that does what it says – it covers everything in the syllabus and does it in a way that starts from the premise that the lessons have already been taught but the memory has faded just a bit.

What is also nice is the way in which the sections follow a set pattern so that you know exactly what to find and where to find it. Being photocopiable means one can just find the page needed, run it off, and there it is, revision preparation done.

The main body of the book describes the history of western music from 1200 today, and world music, and for each category sets out the characteristics of the music and the instruments used. There is also a section on listening activities followed by page after page after page of revision quizzes – in fact over 100 pages of photocopiable worksheets in all.

Sample pages can be viewed at http://pdf.firstandbest.co.uk/music/T1656.pdf

ISBN: 978 1 86083 589 6; Order code: T1656emn

The volume is available as…

Photocopiable report in a ring binder, £19.95 plus £3.95 delivery
CD with school-wide rights: £19.95 plus £3.95 delivery
Both the Ring Binder and the CD £26.94 plus £3.95 delivery
Prices include VAT.

You can purchase the book or CD…

By post to First and Best, Hamilton House, Earlstrees Ct., Earlstrees Way, Corby, NN17 4HH
On the phone with a school order number at 01536 399 011
By fax to 01536 399 012
On line with a credit card at http://shop.firstandbest.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=36&products_id=479