A House Somewhere: Complete Activity and Examination Pack

(Summer 2012 Edition)

“An invaluable and rare resource that everyone teaching the text should have.”
N Worgan, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer

Varied and engaging student activities, with a special focus on analysing the selection linguistically. Key linguistic concepts are introduced through concise notes. Linked activities provide the opportunity for students to apply them.

“The activities for students are excellent – varied, enhancing their experience & expertise, and written in an authoritative style. Addresses the demands of ELLA3 in a straightforward & very accessible way.”
M Hodson, Private English Tutor, Independent Reviewer

Supports every text of the selection, including 26 original ELLA3 examination-style questions and 5 real student answers with commentaries.
Introduces the examination requirements in student-friendly language
Builds up examination skills throughout, including planning grids for optimal preparation
As with all ZigZag resources, you can be confident of the highest standards. All resources go through a rigorous process of teacher reviews, proofreading and professional styling before reaching you. ZigZag resources can be purchased as ‘copy masters’ or in digital format and come with a site licence, allowing you to pay once and copy as often as you need, or put on your server for multiple use.

For a preview of the entire resource and to order, see: zigzag.at/House


The ‘A House Somewhere: Complete Activity and Examination Pack’ is available as Photocopy masters, PDF files and editable Word files.

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Monoprinting lesson plan: KS3 and KS4 art

‘This is a lesson plan that I have used many times at KS4 (although it can also work well with KS3 classes). It is very useful for creating lots of quick ideas and injecting pace into lessons. I have also found it is a good way to avoid students being too ‘precious’ with their work.’

Art teacher Lizzie Allen has written a lesson plan for you to use with your KS4 Art students, introducing them to the techniques needed to record observations using monoprinting.

Getting students to start with short ‘timed monoprints’, Lizzie’s lesson aims to free up students’ observational drawings through experimentation. Students then move on to creating more detailed monoprints, using different tools and marks, whilst creating their own ‘criteria for success’.

To download the lesson plan and the free Boardworks slides, go to: www.boardworks.co.uk/art–design_726


The Boardworks Art & Design team

P.S. The interactive monoprinting activity included in the free presentation allows students to explore and practise skills before applying them in their practical work. To find out more about the range of skills-based activities that feature throughout Boardworks Art resources, order your free sample disc today: www.boardworks.co.uk/order-sample-disc/505

Maths Information and Services

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Pupil reports made easy

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