What is the most effective way for a teacher to get a book published?

For many years, a significant number of teachers and managers in the UK have enhanced both their income and their reputation by publishing one or more books.

Some have found this an interesting side-line while teaching, some have developed their writing during retirement, and some have had such success that they have moved from a successful career in teaching into a successful career in writing.

For many, the starting point is often to take one’s own teaching notes, worksheets, PowerPoint Presentations, managerial techniques, etc, and turn these into a book.

However, over the last 10 years this has become more difficult, simply because few literary agents and publishers seem to have any interest on taking on new authors.

Indeed, even writers who have had a number of books published in the past now find themselves struggling to find a traditional publisher.

But publication is still possible, if one understands that the world of publishing and the expectation of publishers have both changed. One simply has to approach the whole matter of writing and publishing in a different way.

To help make sense of this new world of publishing, the School of Professional Writing runs an on-line course which guides you through writing books and articles within this much changed world of writing and publishing. It covers both the development of books that an audience will buy (and therefore which publishers will want) and getting books published in the conditions that apply in this radically different market.

Through the course, which is taught on-line, you will have access to a tutor who worked as a head of department in a large comprehensive school before becoming a full-time professional writer.

The course covers many different types of writing – not just writing for the educational market. But if your prime interest is in writing books for the schools’ market you will also be able to receive, free of charge, an additional supplement to the course which focuses on writing and selling educational books and also offers you the chance to submit your work to an educational publisher that has helped develop this course.

This supplement is not advertised on the course’s website and is only available to those who specifically request it of their tutor once signed up.

The Diploma in Professional Writing is offered by the same team that has developed the courses in school administration and school efficiency that are offered by the School of Education Administration and who also run the Dyscalculia Centre which provides information and support on this subject to special needs teachers.

There are more details of this course on www.exceptional.org.uk – where you can also sign up on-line. If you have any questions about the course please contact us at Enquiries@exceptional.org.uk

You can also phone us on 01536 399 010 or write to The School of Professional Writing, Hamilton House, Earlstrees Ct, Earlstrees Rd., Corby, Northants NN17 4HH

The challenge for ICT and a new curriculum

While schools will have greater flexibility in how ICT is taught in the curriculum from September, it also presents a major challenge: finding the time and resources to successfully implement new pedagogical changes.

Serif can help. They’re offering a completely free copy of Serif graphics software and teacher resources, so ICT will be easy to put into practice and exciting to learn.

Powerful, yet easy to use, Serif’s creative software inspires every pupil to produce professional-quality work while learning industry-relevant skills. And you can save time planning lessons with Serif’s flexible resources, which you can easily adapt into your own schemes of work.

Serif will send you free software and resources for:

Vector drawing
Digital video editing
Flash® animations
Web design
Desktop publishing
Photo editing
Serif’s resources are currently being updated to help support you with future changes in the curriculum and technology. These materials will be free of charge – even if you don’t hold a Serif software licence.

For your free, full copy of Serif software (worth £300) email edusales@serif.co.uk quoting reference ‘GVCHM’.

There’s no catch – it’s yours to keep under no commitment.

Claire Macdonald
Education Business Manager
Serif (Europe) Ltd
t: 0800 376 6868 e: edusales@serif.co.uk