Most schools recognise the need to be ready for a crisis. But…

One of the great problems with preparing for a crisis within a school is that the preparation can just seem to involve too much time.

Most of us recognise the fact that at some time or other our school could face an event that requires us to act quickly and assuredly when dealing with pupils, staff and parents, and of course the media.

Most schools recognise that to be able to do this they really need to undertake some training to ensure that all members of staff have the capacity to handle the situation well, in a controlled, sympathetic and confident manner.

But aren’t all the courses that offer such training long, complex and held elsewhere?

To help ensure that the school is equipped as and when a crisis situation arises, and to offer suitable training with a minimal amount of disruption to the school, we’ve introduced a new approach to crisis training which takes place on your schools premises.

It starts with an audit of the school’s existing crisis management systems (to ensure that they are legally compliant) and is followed by the training of the key members of staff so that they will know exactly what to do if something unfortunate occurs.

Thus, if and when something awful does happen the key members of staff can take control and work through the process, helping those involved, helping the children’s parents if need be, and helping the school manage the most difficult of circumstances.

If you would like to see how your school could be prepared and ready to cope with anything that should happen, with a minimum of fuss and disruption, please take a look at or call us on 01183 800 140.

For World Poetry Day the copiable book “How to be Brilliant at Writing Poetry” is being offered to schools free of charge

World Poetry Day is celebrated on 21 March, and to coincide with that we are offering free copies of our e-book, “How to be Brilliant at Writing Poetry”, which normally sells for £10.99.

How to be Brilliant at Writing Poetry is written for Key Stage 2 classes and contains self-explanatory, ready-to-use photocopiable sheets that will inspire your pupils to create some fantastic poems. Each sheet is a self-contained activity, so it is easy to integrate them into your planning.

Whether your pupils are struggling to put pen to paper, lack inspiration or need practical help with developing a particular skill, such as making the poem scan or using similes and alliteration, you will find this book invaluable. Forms of poetry covered include limericks, haiku, riddles, cinquains and many more.

The open-ended activities provide pupils with a purpose for writing and help them to develop a clear sense of whom they are writing for. In this way, children will feel ownership of their poems and will want to share them with a wide audience, both in written and spoken form.

There are more details on the book and samples pages to download on our website at:

You can obtain your free copy simply by joining the Brilliant Club! Not only will club membership entitle you to your free copy of this fantastic poetry resource, but you will also receive other free e-books and resources, news and special offers. Best of all, you don’t ever have to buy anything and you can leave any time you like.

To join the Club and get your free copy of How to be “Brilliant at Writing Poetry”, go to, complete the form, and send it off. Sign up before World Book Day and your book of ideas will be with you in time for the event.