How to Reduce Classroom Behaviour Problems in 7 Days Or Less

It’s True – You Really Can Reduce Behaviour Problems in Your Classroom in the Next 7 Days with This Solution-Packed Classroom Management Course – And It’s 100% FREE

Is the behaviour in your classroom getting you down? Is it preventing you from doing the job you used to love? Are you finding yourself spending too much time and energy dealing with noisy, inattentive, disruptive students who ignore your instructions?

If so, you’ll be very interested in this FREE classroom management mini-course from Behaviour Needs Ltd

For the last four years Behaviour Needs have been creating a quiet revolution in classrooms around the world by empowering teachers with highly practical classroom management strategies and resources to manage and improve student behaviour, and now YOU can use these strategies in your own classroom for free.

Whether you’re a teacher, lecturer or other education professional we have a unique approach which can measurably improve your ability to succeed with even the most challenging (and vulnerable) young people.

The mini-course explains exactly how to quickly and easily REDUCE inappropriate behaviour and manage problems more effectively by creating an environment in which students WANT to behave for you.

You’ll also learn…

FIVE tried and tested ways to make sure students LISTEN TO and FOLLOW your instructions
An easy way to achieve 100% consistency when dealing with your students
Six steps any teacher can use to get disruptive students back on task
How to instantly get attention from noisy students
How a special notice on your classroom wall can get your challenging students behaving appropriately without you needing to say anything at all
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