Our very best price for an HP Core I3 laptop

Save £151 and get £150 worth of extras free

The HP 630 Intel Core I3 4gb 500gb HD (normally selling at £499) comes with:

Intel Core I3
500GB hard drive,
4GB RAM, and a…
15.6 inch anti-glare display, plus of course…
Windows 7 Premium Edition, with…
integrated webcam with microphone …

+ Extra Bonus worth £150 –
3 Years HP Warranty and 3 Years Norton Internet Security
We are currently able to offer this laptop to schools for the discounted price of £348.

What’s more, if you buy 10 or more that price comes down to £342 per machine.

You can also save up to £150 if you trade in your old computer. Click here for more details.

The full description of the machine is the HP 630 A6E89EA Intel Core I3 4GB 500GB DVDRW 15.6TFT HDMI BT CAM Win 7HP.

There are more details on our website at

In order to receive this special discount for schools for any of the above products, all you need to do is call us on 08444 820 111 or email us at education@technoworld.com and quote “eshot offer 29”.

This offer for this computer is only available from Technoworld PLC which is an HP Gold Partner and established for 17 years. It comes with a 7 day no quibble money back guarantee.

Question: What is the easiest way to run a hassle free school trip?

Answer: Don’t
It’s a very old joke. So old in fact it will barely raise a smile. But the fact is that something like 90% of schools still run school trips each year, and tens of thousands of us put ourselves through the hard work of organising and developing the trips, because of the good that we know it does for the pupils and students we teach.

Which is why, as a result of setting and running the School Visits news forum last year, I wanted to publish a book on school trips, covering everything that we had discussed.

And that’s what we have done. It is called Organising Successful Trips and Visits: a practical guide for secondary school teachers, and we’ve made it available as a download. In that way you can simply click on the link, and the file drops into the computer, ready for you to run off as many copies as you want for colleagues across the school.

The book covers all the basic points, from “loco parentis” to turning the idea into a trip, from transport issues to the letter to the parents, from staffing issues to kit lists.

In just over 50 pages it gives you all the basics – not least so that if a colleague in the school is looking to organise a trip for the first time, he/she will be able to read up on all the key issues presented in a straightforward way.

There are sample pages at http://www.pdf.firstandbest.co.uk/authordownloadsamples/T1772samples.pdf

Organising Successful Trips and Visits: a practical guide for secondary school teachers” is published as a download so that you can receive immediately a copy onto your computer which you can print out for colleagues as often as you want. You can also put it on your school learning platform so all staff can access the document – and indeed you can make it part of the induction documentation for new members of staff.

You can obtain Organising Successful Trips and Visits: a practical guide for secondary school teachers” by going to http://shop.firstandbest.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=747

The price is £10 plus VAT (the VAT can be reclaimed in most cases by the school).

Organising Successful Trips and Visits: a practical guide for secondary school teachers” is published by First and Best in Education, part of the Hamilton House group. If you have any enquiries you can call 01536 399 011, or email sales@firstandbest.co.uk or write to us at First and Best, Hamilton House, Earlstrees Ct., Earlstrees Rd., Corby, Northants NN17 4HH.

The full range of First and Best books can be seen at www.shop.firstandbest.co.uk

First and Best in Education
Earlstrees Road
NN17 4HH

Website: www.shop.firstandbest.co.uk
Email: sales@firstandbest.co.uk

Write original school reports in minutes

As teachers we all want the reports we write to be meaningful and constructive. But with all the goodwill in the world, sometimes the demand of report writing can be a huge drain on both time and energy.

So, in order to make the task easier and less time-consuming, a group of teachers came together and created a Report Writer. This easy-to-use, on-line tool allows teachers to retain their own creativity in report writing but reduces the amount of time it takes to write a report by over 80%.

Better still, the Report Writer is available free of charge so that you can try it out for as long as you like – and use it as often as you like.

You can start using the system now at www.reportcommentbank.co.uk/?r=hamilton

Teach ICT Ltd
1Ffordd y Felin
SA62 5AX
01348 837241

Martin Luther King Jr used church money to pay for prostitutes and subsequently beat them

When you search for Martin Luther King on Google the first page of the results of the search lists a website which contains this story. The site claims to give a true historic examination of Martin Luther King and provides material for students to download for use in their studies.

If you delve a little deeper into the origins of the site in question you find it is hosted by a white supremacist group and appears to be a veiled attack on King’s reputation and the Civil Rights Movement in general.

Whether or not you are covering Martin Luther King with your students at the moment is not really relevant, nor is the truth or otherwise of this story. What is relevant is that it illustrates the difficulty of ensuring that your students can be sure that what they are using in their research is factually correct and accurate.

A recent study found that 48% of teachers had regular discussions (arguments) with their students on the accuracy of information presented in work that had been based on material obtained via the internet.

It is with this issue in mind that we developed Autology. Autology is an educational search engine, but contains so much more. All content is verified and mapped to the curriculum allowing students to find the information they want, with the added guarantee that what they are finding is quality information.

Autology contains many resources for AS and A level from leading publishers. This includes 118 text books from Heinemann, 123 text books from Letts & Lonsdale, 9 Encyclopaedias from World Book, over 1,000 educational websites indexed to the curriculum, plus the content from regional learning grids.

As a result students still use the same amount of time as before, but now that time is focussed on retrieving and using high quality information.

To see how Autology works a free trial is available by clicking here.

Alternatively, to talk through any aspect of our service please call 01244 560966 or email keithe@autology.org

You can also view the product at www.autology.org

Autology is provided by Autology World Ltd, Daresbury Innovation Centre, Science & Innovation Campus, Keckwick Lane, Daresbury, Cheshire, WA4 4FS

Motivating students through a renewed sense of achievement

Bower Grove Special School in Kent recently undertook an experiment in which they introduced a number of their pupils to the world of sublimation printing.

The sublimation system was used by the students to design and manufacture fabric sun glasses cases which were sold at the summer fair (although this is only one of a number of products that can be designed and produced in this way. Bags, mugs, key rings and t-shirts are among the other products that can be produced on this equipment).

One can easily imagine the level of motivation that arose as a result of this activity – not least because the resultant cases were of industry standard quality.

Indeed all students can take a feeling of pride from their achievements, and this never more so than when the student produces something utterly different from the norm. The ‘wow’ factor hit the students big time and became a major part of their educational experience.

In order to do this, just one piece of equipment is needed – the sublimation printer.

To get started with sublimation you will need a Ricoh printer, sublimation paper, SubliJet-R dye sublimation high capacity ink cartridges and a heat press for flat material. And to make life easy we offer starter packs for schools that include all of the above, details of which can be found on our website.

Our full list of consumables is available by clicking here.

If you would like to know more about any specific approaches, please do call us on 01223 893900.

Site Managers Information and Services

Have you got enough exam desks
Efficiencies that save £1000s a year
Old Computer Equipment Recycling Service


Have you got enough exam desks?

Central Educational Supplies Ltd., PO Box 999, London E14 6SH

Tel: 020 7515 1797
Fax: 020 7515 4420
Email: signpost@talk21.com

It’s not too long before the exam season when sometimes there may be a bit of panic in the air …. and not just for students facing their GCSE or A level exams!

Judging by the comments we’ve had from staff over the years, it seems that “the powers that be” in their school or college suddenly decide they need some new exam desks…. and they want them yesterday!

If you’re faced with such a situation (or even if you don’t have such a tight deadline) then why not give us a call (tel: 020 7515 1797) or visit our website to see how we might be able to help.

We can supply folding , cantilever or “zimmer” style desks from only £15.95 ex vat, as well as transporters for folding desks. We can often supply exam desks at short notice although it’s always easier if we have a few weeks notice!

PS. If you’re also in the market for new classroom tables and chairs you may find what you need on our website…… or why not call us to discuss?


Efficiencies that save £1000s a year.

School of Education Administration, Hamilton House, Earlstrees Ct., Earlstrees Rd., Corby, Northants NN17 4HH

Email: prospectus@admin.org.uk
Phone: 01536 399 007
Fax: 01536 399 012

When the School of Education Administration launched its School Efficiency courses no one quite knew which efficiencies schools would report.

But now we’ve seen it in action, and the savings schools are making are really extraordinary.

Among the most dramatic savings being achieved through efficiencies are those made to school meals arrangements, the way photocopying is organised, IT provision, school cleaning contracts and the movement to an automated text system.

The next 10 week Certificate in School Efficiency course (taught by distance learning) closes its intake of students on 11th May. The course commences on 21st May. It costs £249 plus VAT.

The next one year Diploma in School Efficiency course will also close its intake of students on 11th May with the course commencing on 21st May 2012.

There are still some places available on both courses.


Old Computer Equipment Recycling Service

PRM Green Technologies Ltd, 19 Kimberley Business Park, Kimberley Way, Brereton, Rugeley, Staffordshire, WS15 1RE

Email via form at www.prmgreentech.com/contact.htm
Phone: 0800 840 9195

We collect redundant computer equipment (PC base units, CRT monitors, TFT monitors, servers, laptops, server racks, switches, telecom switches and printers) for recycling, ensuring all data is removed and adherence to the WEEE directive by offering industry leading environmental practices.

Does this pupil have dyscalculia – and if so what should we do about it?

Assessing a pupil or student who appears to be poor at maths to see if the child is suffering from dyscalculia is useful as means of helping assign limited resources.

This assessment can be done through an educational psychologist, of course, although this can be rather expensive – and of itself it doesn’t actually provide any resources that can be used to help the pupil or student after the assessment.

The Dyscalculia Centre has been looking into this problem for some time, and we have now come up with an on-line test which is much lower cost than a visit to an educational psychologist.

What is more, having marked the test we then provide a comprehensive set of copiable materials relevant to that student. These resources can then be used in school by an assistant teacher or SENCO working with the student.

The on-line Dyscalculia Test covers the individual’s attitude towards mathematical concepts and issues, plus specific questions on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, shapes, percentages and time. It is intended for anyone aged over seven years, but obviously does imply that the individual would be expected to be able to answer some basic questions in each of these subject areas.

Testing costs £49.95 per pupil. This price includes taking the test, receiving a specific report in relation to the individual taking the test, and being provided with resources relevant to that individual which can be used to help them progress in maths.

To read more about the test please visit http://www.dyscalculia.me.uk/testing.html

The test itself is set up for payment by credit card on-line, but if you wish to use a school order number you can do this by phoning 01536 399 011, or by fax to 01536 399 012. In each case we will need your email address so that we can email you a link to the on-line test. There are more details about payment for schools on http://www.dyscalculia.me.uk/teacher.html

Learning grids: A brilliant new idea in supporting weaker students

Learning grids: A brilliant new idea in supporting weaker students. Students have to read their textbook/notes to complete a grid of questions in exact spec and textbook order. The result is a set of comprehensive revision posters. Written to support major, exam-board endorsed textbooks.

A godsend for those students who find learning difficult and for the less willing. Leads to active learning, identification of key points & the structuring of information.

The structured method of learning grids are of great value to students, especially if they find it difficult to absorb all the information in class.
An easy-to-set, yet valuable homework option.
Requires minimal preparation and interaction from the teacher — great for cover lessons!

As with all ZigZag resources, you can be confident of the highest standards. All resources go through a rigorous process of teacher reviews, proofreading and professional styling before reaching you. ZigZag resources can be purchased as ‘copy masters’ or in digital format and come with a site licence, allowing you to pay once and copy as often as you need, or put on your server for multiple use.

For previews of the entire range and to order, see: zigzag.at/LearningGrids

Learning Grids are available as Photocopy masters, PDF files and editable Word files.

Currently available for: Science, ICT+Computing, Government and Politics, PE and Law

You can order (reference UN22 when placing your order for FREE postage)

By phone: 0117 950 3199
By post: ZigZag Education, Unit 3, Greenway Business Centre, Doncaster Road, Bristol
BS10 5PY
By fax: 0117 959 1695
By email: UN22@zigzageducation.co.uk
Via the website: zigzag.at/UN22
Details of all Learning Grids resources are given at zigzag.at/LearningGrids

Primary Information and Services

What is the most effective way to inspire children to creativity?
Pupil reports made easy
Microsoft – and just one of those FREE Software Assurance Benefits
Free IT equipment recycle service


What is the most effective way to inspire children to creativity?

John Wainwright (“Wolly”)

Email: wolly@live.co.uk
Phone No: 07817576306

It is naturally important for children to explore the world through the creative arts,

giving them opportunities to express themselves. To do this successfully, it is essential to give them engaging, inspiring stimuli, making learning fun. MIME is an example of a creative, unique, and stimulating art form. Children being profoundly aware of there own bodies, are fascinated by the magic of MIME.

‘AN ISSUE OF GRAVITY’ is an interactive, fun and inspiring, MIME based Circus Show, the children will love and remember fondly. FROM ONLY £99. For more details or to book, please see; www.wolly.co.uk/schools.html or phone John Wainwright on 07817576306


Pupil reports made easy

Teach ICT Ltd, 1 Ffordd y Felin, Trefin, Haverfordwest, SA62 5AX

Email: info@reportcommentbank.co.uk
Phone: 0845 094 6427
Fax: 0700 349 7137

Our point and click report writer is FREE to join and will save you hours when it comes to writing pupil reports. You can use our comments, comments from other teachers or write your own.


Microsoft – and just one of those FREE Software Assurance Benefits

Computer Box Ltd, Eaton Place, 114 Washway Road, Sale, Cheshire M33 7RF

Phone: 0845 658 2552
Email: peter@computerbox.net

Data Encryption – on Drives & USB sticks with Windows 7 Enterprise BitLocker secure encryption.

It seems everyone is looking for a data encryption solution.

But did you know that potentially there is one already built in to your operating system!

For more information on data encryption can be used in your school please contact Peter on 0845 658 2552, or email him at peter@computerbox.net.


Free IT equipment recycle service

PRM Green Technologies Ltd, 19 Kimberley Business Park, Kimberley Way, Brereton, Rugeley, Staffordshire, WS15 1RE

Email via form at http://www.prmgreentech.com/contact.htm
Phone: 0800 840 9195

We collect redundant IT equipment (PC base units, CRT monitors, TFT monitors, servers, laptops, server racks, switches, telecom switches and printers) for recycling, ensuring all data is removed and adherence to the WEEE directive by offering industry leading environmental practices.

What is the most effective way of transforming the lives of students in a short space of time?

Quite possibly the most dramatic and effective way to transform a student’s outlook and attitude within a very short space of time is the creative workshop.

Whether the day is on Music Production, Street Dance, Boxercise, Zumba Dance, African/Brazilian Drumming, Mask Making, Digital Photography, Story Telling or Song Writing, the impact is the same.

Of course, students can gain an even bigger benefit when the workshop fits around what they have been studying or the specific interests they have.

So if the students have worked on Street and Zumba Dance it makes sense to have both workshops together. If some students want to do mask making, but others want to explore drumming, it is really helpful if you can organise both activities at once.

And this is exactly what we offer.

Because our work not only relates to the students interest and the school’s specific arrangements, the students become even more engrossed in the workshop than might otherwise have been the case. They experience a world they have never experienced before – but in a way that is related to their starting point. They become part of this new experience and they are transformed.

We place great emphasis on participation and through this the students learn and use the skills they experience in the workshops, leaving them feeling invigorated and enthused.

We can work with groups of up to 30 students per session, and sessions can be any length from 30 minutes upwards.

And as a final bonus we are, for a short period only, offering discounts on our courses. Here are a few examples of the current discounts on offer:

Save £50 off any half day workshop – was £260 now £210
Any 5 workshops for £1500 – was £1925 save £425
£100 off any full day workshop – was £385 now £285
Free performance/assembly with any workshop – save £125
Any 3 workshops for 2 was £1155, now £770 – save £385
Free 30 piece Djembe drum set with any 3 African arts workshops booked – save £300
There are more details on all of our workshops on our website at http://www.trapmedia.com/workshops.htm

You can book the workshops by:

By email at info@trapmedia.com
By calling 0800 689 9909
By fax to 0208 711 2564