Beware the hidden add-ons

One of the great problems with low price laptops is that behind the headline price there can be some very annoying add-on prices.

For example, you’ll almost certainly want a three year warranty. But that can be expensive – especially when buying a whole set of machines. The recommended retail price is often over £70, while even the discounted price from some sources can be over £40 per machine.

Which is why we have focused on not only the lowest possible prices for the HP laptops that we sell but also the lowest price for all the add-ons. That means £12 for a three year warranty. That not only keeps your price down, but also reflects on just how good and reliable we think these machines are.

Or take the offer on HP/Symantec Norton Internet Security. A 3 Year License is £18 per user. Again a discount on the normal price of £90.

At the moment our best offer is for the HP 630 Intel Core I3 2gb or 6gb 320gb HD (see below for the full name of the machine).

It normally costs £499 but is currently on offer for £318. And in fact if you buy 10 or more that price comes down to £312 per machine.

The full description of the machine is the HP 630 A6G34ES Intel Core I3-370M 2GB 320GB DVDRW 15.6TFT HDMI BT CAM Win 7HP with option for extra 4gb RAM at only £18.

In order to receive this special discount for schools for any of the above products, all you need to do is call us on 08444 820 111 or email us at and quote “eshot offer 28”.

There are more details at

If you have any questions please call 08444 820 111.