Religious experience – from quasi-sensory phenomena to Sigmund Freud

What is the difference between a quasi-sensory phenomenon and a charismatic experience or a mystical experience?

It’s a fairly fundamental question and one that students of religious studies need to understand before they get too far into the religious experience component of Religious studies AS and A2 levels.

That, of course, is only the start, for there is also the question of Channels, Sources and Occasions of Religious Experience.  There’s also the need to know about such thinkers as Rudolph Otto, William James, Sir Alistair Hardy, Richard Swinburne, as well as those hostile to religion such as Ludwig Feuerbach and Sigmund Freud.

The copiable book, Religious Experience, (also available on a CD so that it can be put on the school’s learning platform) deals with all these points and many more in a way that gives the student a basic understanding and then allows, and indeed, encourages, debate beyond this point.

In short, it covers the spectrum of issues involved in Religious Experience and the theories advanced to explain them. It provides an introduction to and discussion points on these main types of religious experience and will enable students to obtain an overall grasp of the subject matter. It looks at the different kinds of religious experience and the different channels or occasions for religious experience and also discusses religious experience in the context of the major religions.

After taking in The Ongoing Significance of Religious Experience the book moves on to Problems of Religious Experience, including Empiricism, Kant, and The Logical Positivists.

The volume concludes with Discussions of Religious Experience, which ranges from private and public experiences to perception and moral attitudes.

Throughout the book are exercises/activities for the students to complete. These can form the basis for written homework or for group discussion in the classroom.

Religious Experience is available as a copiable spiral bound book or on CD Rom. The book comes with an unlimited photocopiable licence for the school, and costs £19.95 plus £3.95 delivery for either the book or CD. If you wish to buy both together the price is £26.94 plus £3.95 delivery.

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Create a welcoming classroom

What is the most effective way of making the
classroom a place where pupils want to be and
want to learn?

If a classroom is a place where pupils want to be, it is a place where pupils will want to learn.

But too often, classrooms are painted in a neutral (or boring) colour – appearing unwelcoming, and a place in which pupils would prefer not to spend their time.

However it is not always possible to change the wall colour for a number of reasons (time, budget, etc.), but one solution is using the quick and easy option of wall art stickers.

At Wall Glamour there are a whole range of wall art stickers suitable for any classroom, including alphabet stickers, musical instrument stickers, animal stickers, transport stickers and inspirational quote stickers, among a few.


Cyber Safety Statement Posters


1. Realising that people you have met online are strangers
2. Meeting people you have met online in person
3. Handing out or uploading  personal details
4. Uploading or sending pictures
5. Threatening messages
6. Sharing passwords
7. Downloading spyware or viruses

The pack includes: 5 copies of A3 laminated Cyber Safety Statement poster and a FREE CD Rom which contains printable A4 copies of the poster which can be handed out to each student to sign and keep.

Suitable for all ages.


CYBER SAFETY STATEMENT Ref:505-1HH Pack of 10 £45.00+VAT

CYBER SAFETY STATEMENT Ref:505-2HH Pack of 15 £65.00+VAT

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Assessing pupils’ progress in reading and spelling

Is it really possible to teach reading and spelling using just one resource on its own?

In an ideal world there would be one teaching resource that covers every phonic, every spelling choice, every word pattern, and every spelling rule in the English Language and is suitable for each and every one of your pupils, no matter their age or ability.

What’s more, using such a resource would naturally make it much easier to assess and track your pupils’ progress in reading and spelling.

Fortunately there is one such resource – the carefully structured Reading and Spelling Rescue Programme developed by Multi-Sensory Learning.

Literacy skills are introduced and clearly developed through a series of 20 Modules in over 1,000 imaginative structured worksheets. The Record Chart for each Module has been designed to increase motivation by showing attainable goals, revision activities and space to indicate completed tasks.

Every Module Includes 50 top quality structured worksheets, dictations to reinforce new spelling choices, structured word lists with the emphasis on key words, revision activities and a record chart, full and detailed teaching notes, and placement and progress tests in order to monitor your pupils’ progress.

Every Level has 5 Modules which are A4 ring bound copymasters. There is also an option to have the same resources on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM format makes it quick and easy to print as often as required, with the additional benefit of making individual workbooks.

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