Student Trips to Germany – Christmas Markets and 2016

Exclusively prepared for teachers who organize
student trips to Germany

Dear Teacher,

It’s not too late to organize an amazing and affordable student trip for this year! 

Here just some of many ideas for a student trip to one of Germany’s best areas for student travel from the UK, the Rhineland:

Discover Duisburg

This city of almost 500,000 is one of Germany’s largest university towns, has the largest inland harbor, and is an important city for commerce, steel production, architecture, history, and culture.   Only about 20 miles from Düsseldorf Airport, Duisburg is the perfect city to include in a Rhineland itinerary filled with the region’s exotic and unique attractions. 

Stay at these two DJH City Hostels in Duisburg:

DJH Hostel Sportpark
An amazing hostel – brand-new, and with a look and a list of features that equal many top sports hotels:

  • In-house sports center, gym and sauna
  • Ball field on-premises
  • 2 volley ball fields
  • 7 conference rooms
  • All rooms with private bath

The hostel is located right in the enormous Sportpark Duisburg, one of Germany’s largest and most modern sports parks, with over 500 acres of land and 150 acres of water facilities. It supports 40 different sports and is home to 30 local clubs and teams.  Perfect for your sports-related trips! Click here for information and pictures

DJH Hostel Landschaftspark
The hostel is named after the Landscape Park Duisburg, a public park built in 1991 on a former industrial site and a stunning example of how the industrial past of a region can be healed by transforming industrial elements into objects of beauty and recreation.   Our modern hostel is right in the park, and it’s the perfect location for your Rhineland adventure.

Bonn & Cologne Christmas Market

A Magical Germany Christmas Experience for Your Groups

A visit to the enchanting Christmas markets in Cologne and Bonn is a spectacular occasion for all ages.  Each city’s market is unique, and Cologne’s has seven different markets all over the city waiting to be discovered by your student and group travelers.   Stay at our hostels in Bonn and/or Cologne.  Optional: additional activities, e.g. a trip to the Odysseum Adventure Museum in Cologne, the Cologne Cathedral, the Chocolate Museum, and much more – for a fascinating itinerary.

Rates: starting at € 22.90 per night per person, including breakfast, lunch or dinner, and all taxes.

Contact us for a free proposal for rooms and activities!

For more information, contact Rainer Perry – Marketing & Sales Manager North America, UK & Ireland; email:

Full contact info below

Christmas Markets are just one of many reasons for a school trip to Germany.  Germany is becoming a trendier and more popular travel destination all the time, especially for student groups from the UK.   You know why:  whether by train, coach, car or plane, Germany is an easy reach from most places in the UK, often in just a few hours.  The country offers great values in accommodations, restaurants, and many other attractions – and the options keep growing from year to year. 

We at DJH GO2CITY want to help you get the latest about traveling to one of Germany’s most fascinating – and most accessible – areas: the Rhine Ruhr Region. 

For all 2015 and 2016 Student Trips to Germany’s Rhineland:
Your partner Go2City – DJH’s all-in-one travel agency 

The incoming agency partner you’ve been looking for!  We help you with all aspects of your stay, so that you don’t have to spend your time and money planning the best travel for your students. Our in-house meeting planning agency creates the best itineraries at no cost and helps you book tours and tickets, often at huge discounts.  You safe money and time. 

We own the accommodation and the in-house agency.  No middle men, no extra fees, no miscommunications or wasted time.  Just tell us what your group wants to do, and we’ll put the whole package together!

What do you want your students to experience in Germany?

  • Music? – We know the right festivals, concerts and local choirs and music groups for your performance
  • Performances? – We find local theaters, rehearsal spaces, audiences and stage time.
  • Sports? – We connect you to local teams, competitions, and stadiums
  • Education? – We have loads of contacts at local schools, universities, and programs.
  • Other programs also available, including drama, languages, etc.

Choose your customized itineraries and activity modules

  • Museum and theater visits
  • Sports and tournaments
  • Specialized city tours and looks behind the scenes
  • Excursions beyond city limits
  • Transfers and coach trips (free coach parking at our hostels!)
  • Local contacts for activity-centered trips (sports, theater, music, education)
  • And much more

Packages also available:

  • 3-day programs starting at 79 € per person
  • 5-day programs starting at 161 € per person

For more information, visit:

Free Unlimited Overnight Stays for 2 Chaperones with any Student Group Bookings!
Teachers and chaperones stay free with a group of 10 students or more, no matter how long the stay.  Ask us for details!

Budget accommodations – high quality hotel alternatives for student groups
You’ve heard amazing things about modern hostels in Germany. They are true at DJH City-Hostels in Bonn, Cologne, and Düsseldorf.  You get amazing 3-star hotel-quality accommodations in Germany at hostel prices, and they are perfect for student groups.  Our hostels are still among the best kept secrets of the budget-conscious traveler, but more and more foreign groups are catching on to the amazing value and quality:

  • Some of the best hostels in the world.  3-star hotel level at hostel prices!
  • Pristine, modern single & multi-bed rooms, all with private baths
  • Amazing rates: starting at € 22.90 per night per person, including breakfast, lunch or dinner, and all taxes

Who we are:

DJH GO2City is the new in-house travel agency by non-profit DJH (German Youth Hostel Association).   Operating  6 hostels in 4 cities in Germany’s Rhine Ruhr Region, DJH GO2CITY also plans and executes customised itineraries and programmes for groups and individuals.

Here a list of all our hostels:
City-Hostel Bonn
City Hostel Cologne-Deutz
City-Hostel Cologne-Riehl
City-Hostel Duisburg Sportpark
City-Hostel Duisburg Landschaftspark
City-Hostel Düsseldorf

For more information about DJH, to request a customised proposal or to book your group reservations, please contact:
Rainer Perry – Marketing & Sales Manager North America, UK & Ireland

DJH Go2City

934 8th Avenue 2b; New York, NY 10019; USA
phone: +1 646 207 6406

click here for our online ebooks:
DJH City-Hostels in Cologne & Düsseldorf

New in-house agency Go2City

The benefits arising from improved typing skills

Students who can touch-type will deliver more accurate, better presented and easier to read work. That will save you and your teaching colleagues’ considerable time in deciphering and marking badly written scripts.

Meanwhile, Ofqual has publicly stated that online exams should replace pen and paper for today’s students. The major awarding bodies have already welcomed this view. When the inevitable happens, students who can type accurately at speed will perform better in tests.

So to improve the keyboard skills of your pupils so that they can type quickly, accurately, effortlessly and safely, then look no further than Type&Test Ltd, the UK’s leading specialists in online touch-typing training and assessment.

Whatever your budget for this activity – or even if you don’t have one – we have a solution for you!  Our range of options even includes an income generation scheme.

Simply click here to reply to this email using the subject line ‘Improved typing skills’ and we will email you a link to our Schools Brochure.

Kind regards

Andy Stevenson
Type&Test Ltd

The unexpected threat

What is the most unexpected unwelcome event
that can befall a school?

It is hard to imagine a school in which senior management know that the law is being broken and yet in which they turn a blind eye and continue to allow the offence to happen.

And yet, if you were to go onto Google and type in “School breaches data protection” you will find page after page of examples of schools that have suffered the fines, ignominy, and bad publicity that comes from being caught out.

No school ever deliberately breaks the Data Protection Act.  Every school has a Data Protection policy in place.  But it happens.

The worst of it is that most of the people who break the Act are actually trying to be helpful, for the most common cause of breaking the Act involves a member of staff  transmitting sensitive data via email – perhaps to their home address so that they can once again continue working at home.

The data might be personal data including staff and pupil names, dates of birth, addresses, national insurance numbers, school marks, medical information, exam results, SEN assessments, and staff development reviews….

Sometimes they even transmit sensitive personal data which covers race, ethnicity, political opinions, religious beliefs, membership of trade unions, physical or mental health, sexuality… The difference between processing personal data and sensitive personal data is that there are greater legal restrictions on the latter.

The person who is responsible in such circumstances is the head teacher as it is the head who holds the role of Data Controller in a school.  Equally, the Board of Governors are responsible for ensuring that the school has taken appropriate measures to ensure data confidentiality.

The fine for getting it wrong is up to £500,000 from the Information Commissioners Office.

And yet the solution is easy.  You just need to ensure that if you are sending any information via email, or putting it on any transportable device, it is encrypted.

Emailsecurity supplies email encryption software to schools in the UK.  There is nothing to be installed on individual machines, just some very simple changes to your email configuration, and typically takes less than 10 minutes to get you up and running.  That’s it.  You use your existing email address as normal.

The pricing model is also really simple and is payable annually.

Up to 149 pupils (8 email addresses) £ 199
149 to 299 pupils (15 email addresses) £ 299
300 to 699 pupils (35 email addresses) £ 399
700 to 1000 pupils (50 email addresses) £ 799
More than 1,000 Please call for details

There is no installation charge, no upfront fee, and no long term commitment.  Please contact and we will be more than happy to work with you and your local IT support partner to get you up and running within 10 minutes.  Alternatively please call Tel: +44 20 3598 4798

X509, Enniscorthy Enterprise & Technology Centre, Milehouse Road, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Ireland

Creative Writing Club

Start a Creative Writing Club
in the click of a mouse

Many schools are running a creative writing club  – either after school or at lunchtime in the library. It’s a fantastic way to boost writing. However, dreaming up new writing materials every week is a time commitment.

Now you can start a lunchtime or after school club with zero preparation time!

  • Our interactive writing Apps make writing fast and fun
  • New topics every week mean they’ll never run out of things to write about!
  • Publish pupils work in our Hall of Fame on in your own book.

Plus: use it to write class stories on your topic: the rainforest, floods, space, the Stone Age, the Romans, the Greeks, the Bronze Age, the Anglo-Saxons, Romeo and Juliet, Great fire of London, unicorns, football, hamsters and sci-fi.

There are 30 topics planned this year (two new topics are added every week in term time). Suggest a topic and we’ll create an activity especially for you.

How do I start my free trial?

There are two ways. Visit and click on the sign up button. (Use the coupon hamlet for a 20 percent discount).

Or call 0845-8385-526 and we’ll set up your free trial with you over the phone. It only takes 5mins. (Don’t forget to mention the coupon hamlet when we set the trial up).

Note: You’ll need to provide some invoicing details. You will not be invoiced till the end of the trial. Cancel at any time during the trial and you won’t get billed – no quibbles!

Would you describe yourself as ‘not so great’ with computers?

We’ve designed the site with everyone in mind.

  • Pupil passwords can be torture! So we’re using a single user name and password for the whole school.
  • Multiple users can use the site at the same time. So your whole class can work on different stories.
  •  It works on Mac, PC, Ipad and interactive white board.
  • Print out your pupil’s planning work and use it for ‘evidence’.

There’s everything you need to start a Creative Writing Club in the click of a mouse. Visit: and use the coupon hamlet for a 20 percent discount.