A-Level Psychology ‘How to do series’: Statistical Tests

Suitable for the new examination specifications 2015 and covering the requirements for all the major examination boards this unique PowerPoint resource, is designed for the experienced teacher or teachers who are new to teaching statistics as part of A-level Psychology. Also it requires minimal statistical knowledge to deliver.

This resource carefully and clearly demonstrates how to calculate:

  1.     Standard Deviation
  2.     Binomial Sign Test
  3.     Chi-Square Ӽ²
  4.     Spearman’s rho
  5.     Mann Whitney U
  6.     Wilcoxon T

There are seven PowerPoints in total (one introductory and then the six statistical tests). The slides are set out in a way to engage students in a simple yet informative way. Each test has an explanation, a progressive worked example and one for the student to attempt themselves. They are designed to be presented as six whole lessons.

Quite simply, this pack contains everything you need to deliver the statistical tests, just simply ‘pick up and go’.

The author is a Chartered Psychologist, an experienced publisher, Psychology Teacher/Lecturer and a member of the Royal Statistical Society.


“These are no nonsense PowerPoints which simply talk the viewer through the statistical calculations. The students found it accessible and we could easily flip back through slides for clarification.”
Claire Barker: Head of Psychology, Queen’s College, Taunton

“Does exactly what it says on the packet, teaches you how to teach the statistical tests: understandable, fun and informative for students.”
Dr Agnes Lech: Queen Mary’s, London

A-Level Psychology “How to do series”: Statistical Tests.

6 Powerpoint Presentations, total 76 slides. £49.99 (£59.99 including VAT)

Once purchased, the CD can be freely copied and networked throughout the school!

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