Emotional literacy is not a luxury

Developing Emotional Literacy in Schools

A school which seeks to promote emotional literacy will create an environment in which pupils are happier, eager to learn and enthusiastic to attend each day and where the teachers, too, feel positive about their work.

Time spent developing emotional literacy is thus not a luxury but will bring you enormous benefits including better grades and a positive school ethos through: improved relationships due to increased empathy and compassion among both staff and pupils; a reduction in bullying; an understanding and acceptance of individual differences; and raised levels of motivation and achievement. A better understanding of emotions can also help young people deal with those anxieties and worries which can ultimately lead to problems such as eating disorders and depression which sadly are becoming increasingly common today.

This photocopiable book is in two parts: the first part explains what emotional literacy is and the benefits it brings; the second part contains practical activities for you to use in your classroom. The activities can be used with students of different ages although the way the subject matter is introduced may need to be adapted according to the maturity level of your group.

Developing Emotional Literacy in Schools is available as a copiable spiral bound book or on CD Rom. The book comes with an unlimited photocopiable licence for the school, and costs £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery for either the book or CD. If you wish to buy both together the price is £31.94 plus £3.95 delivery.

You can order in four different ways. In each case please quote our reference T1679emn. Sample pages can be viewed prior to ordering on http://pdf.firstandbest.co.uk/education/T1679.pdf


A great way to start or round off The Greeks topic.

A great way to start or round off The Greeks topic.

Pupils can speed through the planning stage and write better Greek myths (in pairs) using my Greek myths writing frame

I am a children’s author who offers assemblies and creative writing workshops for all ages and abilities. Holding a writing day is a great way to start or round off The Greeks topic.

Please email workshop@spartapuss.co.uk for prices and availability. I also offer a wide range of assemblies and workshops – everything from The Celts to the Stone Age.


Robin Price

What happens in your Greek assemblies?

Pupils take part in lots of fun and interactive things including: Meet the Monsters, Sparta vs Athens, make laws with Draco the Tyrant, Act out a Greek play using masks etc.

How does the writing element work? I follow the assembly up with ‘Accelerated Writing’ workshops where children write their own stories in pairs. This is sure to generate some epic Greek tales!

Who is this for? Sirens and Spartans are a bit too scary for Reception, (I do a special assembly for younger children)  Everyone from Y1 up is welcome to attend my assembly. I tailor the content of each workshop to suit Y1-Y6.

Who are you? I have written 14 books suitable for ages from Reception to Y6, including The Olympuss Games series (which is set in ancient Greece in a world ruled by cats.)  My latest book is called The Maze of the Minopaw. Parents in Touch said: ‘Please, do introduce them to your child; they are such fun and they will encourage an interest in ancient history!’

Check out my author profile on Lovereading.co.uk