The smallest thing

Even the smallest most inexpensive item can have a significant effect on student behaviour and parental perception.

Can a pen make a difference? Could a pen change the way a person thinks and behaves? Might it actually make a person perceive their environment in a different way?

It seems rather strange that an inexpensive item such as a pen really could change the way students and their parents might see the school and their place within the school community.

And yet pens which carry the school’s name, presented perhaps to each new pupil after their first half term at the school, do have this impact. In a recent survey over 90% of schools that had given a free pen to pupils and students felt that the approach helped enhance the identity of the school.

Indeed presenting after half term can be quite an important moment, because by this time the new school year has become established, the newness of the classes and timetable has worn off. Now here is one unexpected token of association that takes the pupils, students, and parents by surprise.

This is particularly important when it comes to the question of how the pupil or student sees the school. Being given a pen bearing the school’s name becomes a symbol of the world that the pupil is part of, and it will undoubtedly be shown to the parents.

And, of course, there is always the opportunity for the school to recover much of the cost of the pens that are given out in this way, for as well as giving away a pen to each pupil or student in a selected group, the students can also have the opportunity to buy a school pen later on.

All you have to do is order slightly more than you need for the initial give away and hold the spares in stock. You might be surprised at just how fast they are sold!

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Nicole Carter