Take your students to Mars

A STEM related Saturday Workshop aimed at G&T students, held in your school, and at no cost to the school.

Gifted and Talented students tend naturally to be particularly interested in latest developments in science, technology, maths and engineering.  They tend to take more notice of the news and become ever more fascinated by possibilities.

Of course, it is difficult to adjust the curriculum every time a big story that could be used with such students comes up.  And that is why the Spectacular Saturday Workshops series exists.

At present one of our most popular events is Target: Mars – a one day project suitable for secondary students from year 7 to 13.

Here we have six heroic individuals embarking on what turns out to be an ill-fated colonisation of Mars.

Each group knows that they are involved in a space race and must work together to achieve the ultimate glory of the first landing on the Red Planet.

But they have to invest their funds wisely, determine which of their team members has the skills to complete each of the changes, undertake experiments, and solve the problems they face.

They use the techniques that are fundamental to scientific research but meanwhile have to overcome a terrorist plot, an outbreak of disease, industrial espionage, and all the dangers that Mars itself will present.

Quite simply, you choose a day on which you can open up your school, and we will come in and run the event based around the theme you choose.  Our costs are paid for by parents (usually around £35 per student) although the school can, if it wishes, subsidise the cost in certain or indeed all students from its own funds.

The Target: Mars team will need access to the hall or a large room in which the project takes place from 8.30 to 15.45 and during the course of the day will provide different versions of the event for different age ranges.

We will also supply posters and leaflets to your students and all the promotional literature for parents, which you can put on your headed paper, or edit if you wish. There are more details about Target : Mars here.  

Thinkers in Education also undertakes two other Saturday projects, “Bunkered” (in which an asteroid is heading towards Earth) and “Dead on Time” (in which crime scene investigators unravel a suspicious death) – and there are details of all three projects on our website.

For further information, please call us on 01603 520866 or email events@thinkersineducation.co.uk