Creative Writing Club

Start a Creative Writing Club
in the click of a mouse

Many schools are running a creative writing club  – either after school or at lunchtime in the library. It’s a fantastic way to boost writing. However, dreaming up new writing materials every week is a time commitment.

Now you can start a lunchtime or after school club with zero preparation time!

  • Our interactive writing Apps make writing fast and fun
  • New topics every week mean they’ll never run out of things to write about!
  • Publish pupils work in our Hall of Fame on in your own book.

Plus: use it to write class stories on your topic: the rainforest, floods, space, the Stone Age, the Romans, the Greeks, the Bronze Age, the Anglo-Saxons, Romeo and Juliet, Great fire of London, unicorns, football, hamsters and sci-fi.

There are 30 topics planned this year (two new topics are added every week in term time). Suggest a topic and we’ll create an activity especially for you.

How do I start my free trial?

There are two ways. Visit and click on the sign up button. (Use the coupon hamlet for a 20 percent discount).

Or call 0845-8385-526 and we’ll set up your free trial with you over the phone. It only takes 5mins. (Don’t forget to mention the coupon hamlet when we set the trial up).

Note: You’ll need to provide some invoicing details. You will not be invoiced till the end of the trial. Cancel at any time during the trial and you won’t get billed – no quibbles!

Would you describe yourself as ‘not so great’ with computers?

We’ve designed the site with everyone in mind.

  • Pupil passwords can be torture! So we’re using a single user name and password for the whole school.
  • Multiple users can use the site at the same time. So your whole class can work on different stories.
  •  It works on Mac, PC, Ipad and interactive white board.
  • Print out your pupil’s planning work and use it for ‘evidence’.

There’s everything you need to start a Creative Writing Club in the click of a mouse. Visit: and use the coupon hamlet for a 20 percent discount.