Bursaries available for Cambridge courses in 2014

Dear Head of CPD 

Master of Studies (MSt) degrees

We wrote to you back in January to tell you about some new part-time Master’s degrees at Cambridge University. 

We’re delighted to announce that we’re now able to offer bursaries for the MSt in Advanced Subject Teaching and the MSt in History in 2014. 

For each MSt, eight James Stuart Bursaries of £1,250 per annum will be offered to those applicants who most closely match the criteria. 

The deadline for bursary applications is midday on 22 April 2014, and the closing date for course applications is now 1 May 2014. 

Visit www.ice.cam.ac.uk/cambridge-msts to find out more about the bursaries and how to apply. 

Weekend courses at Madingley Hall

In addition to MSts, we also offer weekend courses throughout the year in a variety of academic disciplines. Courses are taught by leading University specialists in the beautiful setting of Madingley Hall, a 16th-century country house near Cambridge. 

Cambridge University Press is offering bursaries of £100 to state-funded teachers to study on weekend courses at Madingley Hall. Teachers may apply for one bursary per academic year, and early application is recommended as funds are limited. 

Here is a selection of the courses taking place in the coming months: 

Charles Darwin: history and legacy (21–23 March) 

Shakespeare’s ambiguous comedies: love, language and laughter in As You Like It and Twelfth Night (4–6 April) 

Liberty, equality and anarchy: themes in contemporary political philosophy (25–27 April) 

The geological history of Britain (25–27 April) 

Exploring nanomaterials (2–4 May) 

Oliver Cromwell (2–4 May) 

Microcredit: a saviour, a curse, or a temporary palliative? (16–18 May) 

The Vietnam War: a 50-year perspective (16–18 May) 

The little things that run the world: the secret lives of insects (30 May – 1 June) 

Behind the scenes of history: the ordinary women who helped shape our world (6–8 June) 

Twentieth-century British artists (6–8 June) 

Education, education, education: the successes and failures of British schooling (4–6 July) 

Jazz improvisation (1–3 August) 

The course fee for non-residents starts from £240 – or just £140 with a bursary award – including lunch, dinner and all lectures. The fee for residents starts from £350 – or £250 with a bursary award – including bed and breakfast at Madingley Hall in addition to the above. 

Visit www.ice.cam.ac.uk/weekends to find out more about weekend courses and apply online. 

Contact us

Please contact me at enquiries@ice.cam.ac.uk if you have any questions, or if you would prefer not to receive emails from us in future. 

Best regards 

Paul Ireland
Communications and Marketing Manager
Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge
Madingley Hall, Madingley, Cambridge, CB23 8AQ 

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