Weekend music courses at Cambridge in 2014

Would you like to develop your subject knowledge with an intensive weekend course at one of the world’s top universities?

Cambridge’s Institute of Continuing Education offers weekend courses throughout the year in music appreciation and practical music-making.

Courses are taught by leading musicologists and musicians in the beautiful setting of Madingley Hall, a 16th-century country house near Cambridge.

Each weekend starts with dinner on Friday evening and ends with lunch on Sunday. You can choose to stay at the Hall for the duration of your course, or attend as a non-resident.

Weekend music courses in 2014

The following music courses are taking place in 2014:

  • Literature and Romantic music (21–23 March)
  • Music at the court of Frederick the Great (4–6 April)
  • The operas of Benjamin Britten (16–18 May)
  • Double reed players’ weekend (30 May – 1 June)
  • Strange meetings: words, music and the First World War (27–29 June)
  • The Rake’s Progress: Hogarth, Hockney, de Valois and Stravinsky (4–6 July)
  • Music and culture in Elizabethan England (25–27 July)
  • The concept of the hero in the operas of Richard Wagner (25–27 July)
  • Jazz improvisation (1–3 August)
  • Wagner’s Parsifal and the quest for the holy grail (12–14 September)
  • Music impressionism: from dawn to dusk (5–7 December)

Bursaries and fees

This year, we are offering bursaries of £100 to state-funded teachers, courtesy of Cambridge University Press. Early application is recommended as funds are limited. You may apply for one bursary per academic year.

The course fee for non-residents starts from £240 – or just £140 with a bursary award – including lunch, dinner and all lectures. The fee for residents starts from £350 – or just £250 with a bursary award – including bed and breakfast at Madingley Hall in addition to the above.

Book your place

Visit www.ice.cam.ac.uk/music-courses to find out more about the above courses and to apply online.

Contact us

Please contact me at enquiries@ice.cam.ac.uk if you have any questions, or if you would prefer not to receive emails from us in future.

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Email: enquiries@ice.cam.ac.uk

We are part of the University of Cambridge and provide part-time and short courses for adults.

What is the most effective way of ensuring your school stays clean, safe and within budget?

One of the problems faced by many managers tasked with organising the cleaning of a school is the issue of overdosing. Not only is it costly but it can be dangerous and actually counterproductive, – too much of a chemical can make the cleaning worse not better.

Whilst most managers are aware of the costs and budgets of the regular daily clean (every little counts) this may be less relevant to cleaner who is actually decanting the product.

With this in mind Blu have developed the ideal solution in Control. Not only does it ensure that the correct dosage of just 10ml is dispensed each time it is also extremely cost effective costing just under 10p per 750ml trigger bottle refill or 5 litre bucket refill!

Furthermore, Control is easy to use, has a secure top meaning no spillage and is colour coded meaning health and safety is maximised through visual recognition, irrespective of the language skills of the user, a training video is provided for just this purpose.

You can see a video of Control in use by clicking here

If you would like to receive a free sample please e-mail sales@blu-hygiene.co.uk with your name, school name and postal address, there is not an infinite supply of free samples so please apply early.

Case Studies are also available by request.

For more information please call 0844 335 1996 and quote code CO114


Blu: Callywhite Lane, Dronfield, Sheffield, S18 2XR

That one extra step on Open Day

The extra factor that can be missed when preparing an open day for new and prospective parents

The school looks spick and span. The displays have been updated. The school will perform in the hall…

All that is left to do is to advertise to new parents and those who might well send their children to your school for the start of the new school year.

Of course, many parents will attend because they already know which school their child will be attending next year. But for many others the question is still being asked: which schools shall we look round; which open days shall we attend?

And, when faced with this question, what such parents generally do is phone up for a copy of the school’s prospectus.

This is fine if your prospectus fully represents the excitement and warmth that your open day will generate. But if the prospectus is itself a few years old and does not reflect exactly what the school is like now, you might well feel that it is not an adequate representation of what the school has become.

Such a situation is more common than one might think, and in such circumstances many schools often call us in to work with schools that have a tight deadline to create a new prospectus which can be launched in conjunction with the open day.

In such circumstances we can remedy the situation very quickly, supplying all professional photography, direction, design of the prospectus and print for a special delivery in time for the chosen day.

From there we can take the prospectus to the next level and create an online prospectus, and also launch a new website.

From design for print through to multimedia and the web – all project managed, created, designed and delivered in a very short space of time.

If you would like to hear more about a school that has used our service to achieve these ends and see the results we achieved with them, please do call us on 01902 784 800.

Alternatively, there is more information on the services we provide at www.inco-education.co.uk/services.php