More revenue for your School, from what you already have

Hiring out your existing Sports Facilities gets overlooked as a viable means for generating extra revenue. The most common deterrents from exploring this avenue, are concerns of “Will it be worth the extra management?” and “How would we promote it?” But now, with PitchWise free online system, your school has a cost-free solution to getting the most out of your football pitch(es). In fact, the recent austerity measures have lead the way to embracing this exact type of innovation as reported by The Department For Education, and encourages all schools to continue “looking beyond simply cutting costs.”

PitchWise have purpose built an easy-to-use platform for pitch management and sales that is relevant whether you have one pitch or many pitches, and even for those that are open to hire only a few hours a week. Adopting an “as-and-when” ethos by allowing you total control over the times for hire, is sure to maximise your takings. Automated reporting and tools will also greatly reduce your administration. Below are the testimonials from other Schools

“Exactly what we needed to find customers. Our pitches were going unused outside PE and school hours”  [Kevin, Facilities Manager]

“Because it’s free, we could invest the profits raised from our single grass pitch into improving other areas of the School.” [W.Warren, Principal]

“I sign in once-a-day. The bookings and money come in like clockwork” [Ajay, Grounds Staff]

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