The Afterlife

This 70 page, copiable book tackles the subject of the afterlife from a number of perspectives:

  • it considers the position of the world’s major religions in respect of the afterlife
  • it discusses specific beliefs, such as heaven and hell, the resurrection and reincarnation and their implication for the concept of the afterlife
  • it examines near-death experiences and what they add to our certainty or otherwise of an afterlife.

The book includes over 50 exercises which will give your students plenty of practice at thinking about and writing on the topic.

The afterlife is one of the components of OCR’s syllabus G582. The book is also highly relevant to students who study other syllabi and who need to examine issues such as resurrection and reincarnation.

The Afterlife was written by Francis Beswick.

You can see a full list of the topics and some sample pages at

Publisher’s reference: T1674EMN ISBN: 978 1 86083 725 8


  • Photocopiable report in a ring binder, £19.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • CD with school-wide rights: £19.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Both the Ring Binder and the CD £26.94 plus £3.95 delivery

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Succeed in English posters for EAL

A stimulating set of monthly pdf posters for English as an Additional Language.

A vital visual support to help students remember. 

Visual resources are more effective than textbooks and worksheets because they are memorable and punchy. 

Covers: Grammar, verbs, expressions, vocabulary, register, common mistakes

Only £24.95 for a year’s subscription – 4 new posters a month. Print as many copies as you like. For whiteboards too.

Subscribers can suggest topics for new posters.

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Attractive resource for Romantic Poetry featuring Benjamin Zephaniah


With the poetry of the Romantics scheduled for inclusion in the GCSE English syllabus from 2014, now is the time to order your school’s copy of the 6-CD boxed set ‘All About the Younger Romantics’ by songwriter and Romantics specialist John Webster and featuring Romantics admirer Benjamin Zephaniah and the indie folk/soft rock group Brindaband.

The CDs – which anthologise key Romantics lyrics in song form and provide biographical, social and political context – have been well received by the educational press, with the Times Educational Supplement, the School Librarian journal and the National Association for the Teaching of English in Schools approving different CDs in the set; they offer the chance for students to familiarise themselves with a selection of poems by Keats, Shelley and Byron and through the commentaries on them at the Lyrics and Commentaries and Education/Discovery pages at the supporting website to think about textual analysis and the broader meanings of the works.

In the latter context Shelley’s ‘Adonais’ is linked with Wilfred Owen’s commentary on the poem from his position as an officer in the trenches in WW1, the recent scholarly thinking on the relationship of Keats’s poem ‘To Autumn’ to the Peterloo Massacre is considered, and Byron’s involvement in the Greek War of Independence is held up as an thought-provoking example of a poet’s involvement in the political arena of his day.

The six CDs in the boxed set are:

(Focusing on biography and poetry):

– ‘The Shelley Story’ with narrative by Benjamin Zephaniah and with 24 Shelley poems anthologised in song

– ‘Lord Byron and the Greek War’ also narrated by Benjamin Zephaniah and with eight Byron poems anthologised, plus two recreated dialogues drawn from primary sources.

– ‘John Keats’s sublime single’ with two settings of Keats lyrics and a spoken word biography of the poet. (Music albums focusing on the poets’ work):

– ‘Percy Bysshe Shelley: Rock Star’; A music album featuring Shelley lyrics with some additions to the songs found on The Shelley Story

– ‘Courageous Heart: seven Byronic songs’. Final versions of the songs from ‘Lord Byron and the Greek War’.

– ‘The First Fab Four’. A 45-minute 14 track compilation providing an accessible anthology in song of the poets’ work (also featuring lyrics by their associate Leigh Hunt)

Useful both for private study and with classroom and other uses suggested online, go to for more information

False Friends – Protect your students against these linguistic con artists

Translation is tricky, requiring strong language skills and creativity. Students traditionally struggle with this part of the A Level exams and can easily come unstuck when they encounter those classic fraudsters: false friends. Amusing as the results can be, students often lose marks for errors like the following:

  • French: ‘The boy fell over and blessed himself’
  • Spanish: ‘My father carries a carpet to work every day’
  • German: ‘The President came to the balcony and winked at the crowd’

In the examples above, something has obviously gone awry. Things get more complicated when the differences between the two words are more subtle. For students used to looking for similarities to their native language, false friends can seem like a purposeful trick, designed to catch them out.

ZigZag Education’s range of False Friends – Translation Supplement workbooks for French, Spanish and German provides students with valuable practice at recognising common examples of these linguistic con artists.

False Friends – Translation Supplements
Stop your students wasting valuable translation marks on ‘false friends’ with these workbooks, targeting the 100 most common ‘false friends’ at A Level. Each workbook contains a reference section with full definitions in both languages, sentences to translate from both English > Target Language and Target Language > English, and learning activities to reinforce vocabulary.

  • Perfect games as starters and worksheets for homework
  • Full answers
  • Vocab also presented in a cut-outable card format for games / learning exercises

‘A brilliant idea for students to practise relevant and useful vocabulary’
J Ermina, MFL Teacher, Reviewer of Falsche Freunde

‘Very good, user friendly and suits our students. Nice and clear and easy to use’
L Gomez, Head of Spanish and ZigZag Customer

‘This is one of the best resources that I have seen… A versatile resource which would be ideal with helping A Level students to improve their comprehension and translation skills in a detailed way… It is bound to enhance all of the skills of the learner and it points out many details which could easily be overlooked because one does often assume that cognates always work well. It is helpful to be given the warnings. The translation exercises are excellent practice for A level papers and I would make great use of them in my personal tutoring.’
B Dawson, French Tutor, Independent Reviewer of Faux Amis

See for yourself – view full inspection copies right now at

ZigZag resources are available as ‘copy masters’ or in editable format and come with a site licence, allowing you to pay once and copy as often as you need, or put on your server for multiple use.

The False Friends Translation Supplements are available as photocopy masters with site licence (£24–34). Also available in:

  1. Easy-printing PDF files (add 30%+VAT), or
  2. PDF with editable Word files (add 50%+VAT).

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