Who was the real Cleopatra?

And what is her relationship to the beautiful seductress of Hollywood myth?

In contrast to other historical figures whose names may be less familiar, many of your students will come to study the life and influence of the last Egyptian pharaoh with many preconceptions about her – in terms of her appearance, her behaviour and her place in history.

This new textbook provides an easy way into the life and times of Cleopatra for students of OCR Ancient History GCSE. It offers a factual account of her life from first coming to power to her death after the suicide of Antony and is written in an easy-to-read narrative style so is accessible for all your students, and not just those with high reading skills.

However, Cleopatra goes much further than just outlining the bare facts but also sets out for your students a clear insight into the historical context in both Eqypt and Rome, with analysis of the facts and synopses of the interested parties and their possible motives and influence on Cleopatra’s life.

The textbook also outlines the various sources of information on Cleopatra, giving guidance on the interpretation of such sources as well as pointers as to how best to answer exam questions on them.

Each section of the book includes a glossary of terms with which your students may not be familiar, activities to complete and an exam skills section, with sample questions, which sets out clearly how the exam scheme works – so your students will know what is required of them to get the best grade they can.

This book is fully photocopiable so you need only buy one copy which can then be shared with your students and colleagues.

There are sample pages from this photocopiable book at http://www.pdf.firstandbest.co.uk/history/T1826.pdf

Publisher’s reference: T1826EMN ISBN: 978 1 86083 881 1


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‘It gives students an edge…’

René Cochlin guides students through every crisis, scandal, issue and Act of 2013. If it’s relevant to the A Level Government and Politics exams, it’s covered! From party policy and coalition government to resignations and reshuffles, all the exam-relevant events are covered chronologically, with more detailed sections on key events.

  • ‘Excellent to keep students up to date with current affairs and link them with the syllabus… easy to access from the highest to lowest ability… It helps stir up debate and links very closely with the specification… It is so up to date, easy to use… Good value for money, it gives students an edge… bringing them up to date with current affairs.’ (Clare Green, Politics Subject Leader & Customer)
  • ‘Much detail on recent events… I particularly like the line down the side that explains relevance to exams.’ (Gemma Chaplin, Politics Lecturer & Customer)

The photocopiable resource consists of:

  1. The chronology can be a handy summary for busy teachers, or fresh revision for students – bring them up to speed with current examples to use in their exam answers.
  2. Plus, the best Think Tank articles of the year interspersed. Student-friendly, and exam-focused, with exam-style & discussion questions.

Available for both AS UK and A2 USA Politics.

  • All the relevant events of the year, with exam significance made clear.
  • Margin references to specification topics show how each event is relevant to the exam.
  • Questions link events to exam topics – students read about the examples, then apply them.

ZigZag resources are available as ‘copy masters’ or in editable format and come with a site licence, allowing you to pay once and copy as often as you need, or put on your server for multiple use.

The 2013 Politics Round-Ups are available as a photocopy masters with site licence (£29). Also available in:

  1. Easy-printing PDF files (add 30%+VAT), or
  2. PDF with editable Word files (add 50%+VAT).

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