To fish or not to fish

Help your Geography, Politics and Economics students learn about the complexities of fish stocks, overfishing and quota systems in sustainable marine management. As well as seeing programmes like Hugh’s FishFight, Eco-Fish the game will support the exploration of the balancing of sustainable resources on a global basis.

Eco-Fish is a really fun game which allows students to learn by accident as they play. On a tabletop or floor mat, the game supports a number of curriculum areas in one kit. As well as learning about the importance of protecting the fish in the sea, students will learn about:

  • Political discussion and decision-making;
  • Risk Management
  • How to be more enterprising & overcome problems;
  • Working in a team to make decisions;
  • The importance of debate and agreement to keep peace between nations;
  • Tensions that can erupt between different teams and countries around finance and food;
  • Shared interest in protecting natural species from over-harvesting;
  • How much fun you can have with a few plastic fish!

As with our Enterprise Soapbox resource, Eco-Fish comes with a manual, lots of background information (based on the North Atlantic Cod Stock survey) and everything you need to keep students busy for a couple of hours…with extension ideas to help with a full-day session. None of the parts need replenishing so once bought, it can be used many times. It’s also brilliant for Primary Days and Summer School activity. You can also see it being used with business people and Senior Leadership Teams in the video below.

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