What is the most effective way of improving reading skills at Key Stage 2? Especially for boys.

In a totally ideal world the work each child is asked to do would be geared to that child’s specific individual needs.

Unfortunately, achieving this ideal means testing each child and then devising teaching material based around the results of that child’s tests. A huge task.

However, there is a way around this through using the initial assessments provided as part of the World of Words, an online literacy programme.

Once the children have undertaken an assessment they are automatically directed to the level of activity that is best suited to their ability and skills. Each level has its own theme so that a child who moves from one level to another will find that as he or she progresses there is more material to work on.

The materials provided include Narrated and Animated Stories, Educational Games, Factsheets (with test questions covering a range of topics that are broadly related to the theme of that level), Poems and a Speed Reading Programme.

Through this approach the World of Words focuses on ten main literacy skills, from reading and comprehension with multiple choice questions to practice using nouns, verbs and adjectives. Further activities range from vocabulary and word association to reading a variety of material from different genres, including poems, magazines and newspapers.

Thus World of Worlds raises the literacy standards of children, especially boys. The programme has been designed by Excell3, a national educational charity established since 1999, in consultation with boys, girls, parents, teachers and cutting edge IT designers.

A free 7 day trial is available. To get the trial email us at info@excell3.com with your name, your school name and email address.

World of Words costs £29.99 for a single individual to use, but for a school it’s £295 for 60 children. However, as a special offer if you subscribe by 17 May you will get the programme free of charge until the end of this summer’s term.

To see the program please take a look at www.worldofwords.co.uk.