Taking the child’s love of the simple maze and using it to teach both co-operation and co-ordination

Everyone loves a maze – perhaps because mazes are infinitely variable and so suitable for all ages.

But perhaps mostly we love mazes because maze solving has a skill all of its own.

That’s a good start of course, but imagine also a maze in which the child not only has to find the way through a simple maze, but must also learn to balance at the same time!

The challenge is immense, but the solution is possible for older nursery children, and achieving the solution will help their physical co-ordination to develop, as well strengthening the cognitive skills involved in solving the maze and co-operation when two or more children are involved.

Such an impact comes with the Balancing Maze which can be used across different difficulty levels, and its companion the Twin Balancing Board.

At the simplest level the child holds the Balancing Maze and gently turns it one way and the next to guide the ball through the maze – thus developing arm co-ordination and strength.

At the next stage two children work together with the board, co-operating to get the ball to move in the desire direction.

Next we return to single use again with the child standing on the board with one foot on either side. Then eventually it is two children holding hands and co-ordinating their balance.

The Twin Balancing Board works in a similar way but has a higher weight maximum (taking 100kg as opposed to a maximum of 80kg for the Balancing Maze).

Additionally the Twin Balancing Board comes with three different maze patterns and allows up to six children to hold it while manipulating up to three different balls.

If ever there was a game that teaches three skills at once, this is it.

For more information on the Balancing Maze go to our website – www.edventure.co.uk/active-play/balancing-maze.

Alternatively if you would like to read more about the Twin Balancing Board click here.

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