Free Textbooks for the new A and AS Mathematics Syllabuses

Send for a FREE copy of each of the new Aiming High Books for A & AS Level Mathematics

The Aiming High Mathematics textbooks for C1&C2, C3&C4, M1, M2, M3&4 have been very popular with both mathematics teachers and students and have contributed to excellent exam results.

Four new textbooks have been produced for the new A- and AS- Mathematics syllabuses, based on the textbooks listed above:

PURE MATHEMATICS BOOK 1   – Topics 1-13   (An A-Level Mathematics Course)

PURE MATHEMATICS BOOK 2  –  Topics 11-20 (An A-Level Mathematics Course)

PURE MATHEMATICS BOOK 3  –  (An AS-Level Mathematics Course)

MECHANICS                                      –   (both AS- and A-Level Mathematics Courses)

The MECHANICS book has an unusual structure:
Topics 1-6 are for both AS-Level and A-Level students.
Topics 7-10 are just for A-Level students.
It took many weeks to get this structure right, but the result was well worth the effort.

Each head of sixth form is invited to send for a FREE COPY of each of these texts.
Just email me
at or ring me on 01428 717113

What can you do with these free texts?
You have my permission to use the material in these texts to supplement any other A-Level Maths texts that you are using, within your school only.  You can print off parts of these texts for your students use.
OR – you could purchase more of these texts for use with your students. A price list will be sent with the free textbooks.

Some information about Aiming High texts:

The original Aiming High A-Level texts were developed in the classroom with the enthusiastic aid of my students. Teachers’ can decide what they wish to teach but all the information students’ need is embedded in the text.  So, students who miss lessons, for whatever reason, do not miss any theory. All students, whatever their ability, are motivated to achieve the best grades they can.

Able students could – and often did – romp ahead of the rest of the class. Extension problems take students beyond the level of the basic techniques. If students want to aim for the higher grades, they are advised to tackle as much of the extension work as they can find time for. This includes A-Level examination-type questions. This is where the top grades are earned.

Kind regards,

Barbara (maths enthusiast, teacher, writer and publisher)