What is the most effective way of giving rapid help to those who struggled with this year’s tests?

The end of the early summer testing season can often be something of a relief, and at such a moment looking forwards to future tests might not be what’s on your mind.

But when it comes to preparing for tests and exams if you have any children who have particularly modest levels of achievement in literacy, they are the ones who obviously suffer.  The question arises, what is the most effective way of supporting them?

In discussing this with many teachers we found three issues that were on almost everyone’s list of desires for the future.

First there is the wish to find an approach to improving literacy skills that works quickly and which is geared to each child’s individual levels of attainment and specific needs.

Second it should be an approach which can be utilised both at home and at school, and finally it should be enjoyable for the child, for if the child enjoys the work that will be the greatest motivational factor of all.

Now I appreciate that delivering on these three wishes might well sound like a dream.  And yet in a study in 2016, at-risk pupils across nearly 3,000 schools made substantial and rapid progress using our approach.

During this time, the percentage of pupils working two or more years below their expected level was reduced by almost half.  (These results are taken from the Lexia Core5 Half Year Progress Report 2016.)

To achieve such success, our approach starts with a highly accurate and rapid system of placing pupils according to their current literacy ability.

Then, through giving the pupil one-to-one tuition in a way that is utterly engaging and responsive to her or his immediate literacy needs and within the school’s budget, the literacy issues are resolved and the child’s attitude towards reading changes.

The analysis, the comparisons with other pupils, the progress, the remedial work – each and every element of each pupil’s learning journey is tracked and evaluated by the Core5 program from Lexia UK.

If you would like to read the case studies involving UK schools which are already using the system please click here. You will then also find on the right of the page the route to having access to the full program for 30 days without any payment or commitment.

If you want to know more about the program, we have all the information you’ll need available here. Alternatively, if you would like to talk first, call 0191 482 1939, or email info@lexiauk.co.uk.

Rob Kay; LexiaUK Software Consultant