Nurturing Enthusiasm This Summer

How to capitalise on holiday and Saturday STEM events – delivered at no cost to the school

There is an easy way to offer truly extraordinary experiences for your able, ambitious or enthusiastic students and those from your feeder schools.  And, most importantly, it requires no extra work for your staff and costs the school nothing.  In fact, it can generate additional income.

As a school, you aim to provide the best learning opportunities for all students.  As a parent you want to give your children the best start in life.  This is why Saturday and holiday workshops from Thinkers in Education prove to be so highly valued by schools and families throughout the UK.

You can host leading workshops, as recommended by every host school for over a decade, without affecting the timetable, adding to teacher workloads or taking a cut of the budget.  The workshops are an exceptional addition to existing STEM and G&T programmes and the performance reports generated for every student can prove invaluable help during an Ofsted inspection.

Participants benefit from activities that are typically unavailable until they reach higher education and develop vital thinking skills that give them an advantage in education and beyond.

The schemes offer effective promotion too, as parents are always impressed by the additional support made by host schools – particularly those parents in the process of selecting a high school.

For details of 3-5 day Holiday Schools click here and for the Saturday Workshops click here.

To request an event, you simply choose the start date and we send you the literature to distribute to parents to book a place.  They pay for their child to attend, as they would for a school trip, or the school can choose to subsidise the cost or use Pupil Premium funding.  It costs from £22 to £28 per pupil per day and you can choose for payments to be made directly to Thinkers in Education via PayPal or AmazonPay – so the school does not have to manage finances or paperwork.

Once 25 or more pupils have enrolled, we will confirm the event and run the entire day on the date of your choice.  If minimum numbers are not achieved – we will contact you to discuss options.

The presentation team, all with full DBS checks, will simply need access to a hall or large room in which the workshop takes place from 8:30 to 15:45.  They will greet parents, supervise students from arrival to departure and deliver an unrivalled STEM experience.

With an exciting range of workshops to choose from, all developing valuable thinking skills and offering fantastic hands-on practical activities, you can easily provide for your most ambitious and more able students from year 5 to year 12.

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