“Since Tom started using Education Quizzes, he has really started to sparkle.”

We have made Education Quizzes free for a whole year so that students like Tom can sparkle too

Despite all the revision tips, tricks and techniques, the best way to help your pupils to retain the knowledge that they have learned in their History lessons is by presenting them with the opportunity to use this knowledge on a regular basis.

However, since there is more than one topic area to cover in History, it can sometimes be a long period of time until a topic is revisited, by which time your pupils will have forgotten much of what they had previously learned.

Which is why we have produced an extensive library of History quizzes and made them free to use for a whole year, so that your students can test and revise their knowledge as frequently as they need and want to.

What’s more, Education Quizzes is ideal to set as homework tasks as it involves little to no PPA time – giving you more time to focus on planning and preparing future lessons and assessing the work of your students from lessons which have gone before.

To get a better idea of what Education Quizzes is all about, simply visit www.educationquizzes.com. And to sign your school up for Education Quizzes for free for a whole year, go to www.educationquizzes.com/schools-uk-registrations/.

If you have any queries, you can easily contact us by sending an email to admin@educationquizzes.com.

What is the most effective way of helping students with literacy issues – without it costing a penny?

When the developers of an approach to enhance student literacy start making dramatic claims for its effectiveness, it is reasonable to be cautious.  After all, virtually all producers of educational materials express the view that their approach is the one that will work wonders.

So how can you decide if any of these claims are true without wasting a lot of time?

We think there are two ways.  One is for us to quote verbatim and in detail what teachers who have used the approach say.  Not the classic two or three word phrases such as “Absolutely brilliant”, but detailed comments about the literacy gains made with their students in their schools.

The other route is to allow you and your colleagues to see and use the approach in your school with your selected cohorts, free of charge.

If it doesn’t work, then I will apologise personally because I will have wasted your time.  If it does, you will have found the route to remarkable gains in literacy achievements of the type that other schools are now enjoying.

The approach is called Lexia Strategies® and you can find the detailed commentaries from numerous teachers  on our website.  You will also find access to a completely free trial of the resource that these teachers are writing about.

What you will find here is an approach to improving literacy skills that works quickly and which is geared to each child’s individual level of attainment and specific needs.

It is also an approach which can be utilised both at home and at school. It is also a method that provides enjoyable lessons for the student which is, of course, the greatest motivational factor of all.

You can now go straight to the free trial on our website but if you want to know more about the program, we have all the information you’ll need available here. Alternatively, if you would like to talk first, call 0191 482 1939 or email info@lexiauk.co.uk.

Rob Kay; LexiaUK Software Consultant