Two of the best dual power calculators for KS 3, 4 and GCSE maths exams……

The Casio FX 85GT+ and the Logik LK 83XP are excellent choices for your GCSE maths students.  They both benefit from battery power with solar power back-up  to provide extra reassurance for your students  in exams. Both calcs have a “natural display” function which enables students to enter expressions and data as shown in textbooks.

The LK 83XP has similar features to the FX 85GT+ but without the “verify” and “recurring decimal” functions. Both calcs have a three year warranty and are available at short notice from Signpost Educational Ltd.,

In addition,  with orders for 100 or more of either  calc  (or a combination of both) you have the option of obtaining the popular “Trident geometry set”   for  just 95p (ex vat) instead of the usual price of £ 1.39 (ex vat) or more.

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