Motivate your students with eight simple activities

Developing your students’ mental resilience

The pressure for students to perform well during the exam years can become stressful for both students and staff. Managing this stress and supporting students to stay motivated throughout the year ahead and focus on their goals is essential.

Some students will need more support than others but everybody can benefit from exercises that challenge them to think differently about their situation, strive for more in life and align their goals with their values.

The earlier students are encouraged to develop their mindset and focus on resilience for the challenges they face ahead, the better. Raising motivation and ultimately grades does not happen overnight, you need a structured programme that can be used from the outset all the way to the start of the exams.

Our solution comes in the form of eight worksheets in a ready-made booklet – ‘Greatest Strength Workbook for Students’. It comes with a free teacher’s guide and is available as an instant download. A sample can be downloaded for free to give you an idea of what you get. The licenses to print the workbook then start from only £49.99.

Helping students learn to overcome stress, teaching them to motivate themselves, encouraging them to plan for the future and develop confidence to try new things are essential skills

To develop these skills, students must explore them. Finding time in the school day to focus on these areas can be challenging but could you find ten minutes to introduce an activity that was already prepared and ready to use?

The full details are available at:

Thanks and I wish you and your students the best during the year.

Clare Martin

Newset Training