The problem with a good problem is…

The problem with a good problem is…
everybody wants to be the one to solve them!

Lets face it things can (and often do) go pear shaped at work.  There is no perfect way to run a business.  Lessons unfortunately are often learnt and understood the hard way – when something goes wrong.  For some people this is a nightmare whilst some people will relish the thought of being the hero and saving the day.

In order that students might see how things can go wrong, and how they can be put right, we have put together a business exercise called The Safe Delivery Exercise which is designed to put the theory of solving problems into practice.

The exercise is suitable for KS4 and Sixth Form students. Students are divided into teams of six who each act as a manager in the business. They are given an individual brief which has information exclusive to that person. 

The Scenario – A fire resistant storage cabinet has been ordered that will house a new ‘server’ on which the essential financial information for the business will be stored.  It is now Friday afternoon and the cabinet is being delivered Saturday morning.  It must be installed in the General Office by Monday morning.  A detailed office floor plan of the building has been provided.  A meeting has been called so that the managers can sit down and work out how this job will be undertaken.

Teamwork, clear communication, problem solving skills and good maths are the key to success. A verbal jigsaw that needs to be solved!

This resource contains:
clear teachers’ guidance notes that explain how to run the exercise

– a teachers crucial information chart
– a memo that sets out the task for the students
– detailed briefs for five managers and one scribe
– a detailed floor plan of the office building showing the obstacles that need to be overcome
– the solution and a power point presentation showing each step of the solution

This super resource is available for only £50 and can be used again and again.

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How 140,000 teachers saved time this week

What is the quickest way of setting, tracking, collecting, and providing feedback for homework?

The key word here is “quickest” – for there are many homework systems around that might well keep the overall homework process organised, but still demand the same amount of time and attention as before.

The most effective and quickest approach involves running an online homework calendar where you and your colleagues can enter homework details on the system, and your students (and their parents) can access the details at any time from any location.

What’s more, in running an online homework calendar with Show My Homework, relevant attachments and documents can be added for your students to download – so that they can have everything at their fingertips no matter where they are.

Instead of scribbling homework down in a diary, your students can log on to a website via any mobile device and view the homework, including the due dates for the assignments that their teachers have posted.

Over 140,000 teachers use it on a weekly basis to set, track, collect, and provide feedback for homework, meaning that Show My Homework has become the definitive product for homework management – helping teachers to save time and improve teaching and learning.

Show My Homework has also been made available to schools in Ireland and other English speaking countries across the world and is now used in over 1000 schools globally by more than 1.3 million students.

The founder of Show My Homework recently commented: “The idea is simple – As homework setting and completing so often eats into family time, we want to provide teachers with the right tools to ensure that it’s always worthwhile. Done the right way, homework has a huge impact on learning outcomes, but it’s not about the quantity, it’s about making it easier for teachers to focus on quality.”

For further information about how to track homework and save time, you can book your free Senior Leader school demo here.

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