Christmas themed Magic Shows for Whole School

Celebrate Christmas with style this year with Christmas themed Magic Shows that include comedy capers, pantomime calling out and jaw-dropping magic (including the production of a live white rabbit!).

Performed by one of the few women to pass the arduous Magic Circle Exams, with clients that range from celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Geri Halliwell to schools such as Wold Primary academy and Merton Court, the shows are guaranteed to dazzle.

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We live in a fast-moving world and anxiety levels are high, particularly in our young people.

All About Anxiety Discussion Cards

We live in a fast-moving world and anxiety levels are high, particularly in our young people.

These cards give the users an opportunity to consider what they believe to be some of the causes of anxiety, to think about possible sources of help and to learn that worry can sometimes be positive.

▪ Discuss possible causes of anxiety
▪ Understand that different things worry different people
▪ Identify who can help when we feel anxious
▪ Maintain a healthy mental attitude
▪ Discover the effects of anxiety on eating patterns, socialising and personality

The cards introduce a more in-depth discussion and allow users to explore their feelings in a structured way.

They can be used with individual students as a diagnostic tool, or they can be used in small groups to promote discussion and enable the participants to challenge their own beliefs or they can be used with class groups to start discussions.

Includes 36 cards. Ages 8+



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Learning-outside-the-classroom: providing real-life applications of concepts learnt in the classroom

Without a clear vision of what it is exactly that your colleagues want to achieve by taking their students on a school trip, it is unlikely that the LOtC experience will be as beneficial to students’ learning and development as they might have hoped.

Therefore, before your colleagues go any further with their planning, it is important that they ask the question, “What do I want to achieve?”

Of course, if your colleague in the English department plans to take his or her students on a trip to the Globe Theatre, it is clear that the purpose of this visit is to cement the learning that they have done in the classroom for their upcoming exams and beyond.

In other instances, it might be that your colleagues wish to use learning-outside-the-classroom to provoke an emotional response among students, as opposed to using the visit as a revision tool or for learning new knowledge.

Where your students are encouraged to engage on an emotional level with a subject or topic area, they will be able to remember information about it more readily. So your colleague in the history department might plan to take his or her students to a WW1 memorial site.

However, not every school trip has to be focused on learning. Sometimes, if there is time left at the end of term and the budget allows for it (or parents are willing to pay for it), your colleagues might plan a school trip as a reward, to boost morale, or perhaps to re-ignite students’ passion for a subject.

But it doesn’t end there – school trips, or learning-outside-the-classroom, can also be highly beneficial to secondary school students when it comes to deciding which career they would like to pursue.

School trips enable students to experience activities and events that they don’t have the opportunity to experience in the classroom, thus giving them a better understanding of where, in society, they (could) fit in.

Benchmark has created a Facebook and Twitter page especially for teachers where we post and tweet a constant stream of activity and location ideas for whatever it is you or your colleagues wish to achieve by undertaking learning-outside-the-classroom.

To get notifications of school trip activity and location ideas and how LOtC can be used to benefit your students’ learning and development, follow us on Twitter @MinibusLeasing or like our Facebook page – Benchmark Minibus.

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