Severe behaviour problems

What is the most effective way of dealing with acute and severe behaviour problems?

One-off high-level incidents may occur very infrequently in your school, but as and when they do, their consequences can be considerable.

In the worst case scenarios such events can be deeply disturbing to any teacher involved, causing significant mental strain resulting in even the most experienced teacher questioning his/her own professional competence.

Additionally these are the incidents that can lead to a high risk of damage to property and also a risk to personal safety.

Indeed although few teachers raise the issue, school managers and governors do have a legal duty to provide their staff with working conditions that are safe, and therefore the school does need to show that it has taken all reasonable steps to ensure this is so.

It is to help with this essential work that we have produced the Acute & Severe Behaviour Problems DVD by Dave Stott.

This DVD deals with acute behaviour situations, and explores effective systems for gaining help, and protecting teachers from physical and psychological attack.

It also considers the effects on both the individual pupil and the whole group and, specifically, on the teacher, including emotional upset, interruptions to learning, and the resultant anger and frustration.

Additionally the DVD highlights early warning signs, disruptive ‘off-task’ behaviour, physical threats, arguments, anger and violence, direct verbal threats, damage to property, defiance and refusal to apply instruction and leaving the teaching area without permission.

The DVD is packed with specific help, advice and guidance for teachers and incorporates a large number of practical scenarios and is available for school wide use for £55.00 + VAT.

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