20th Century European History

This pack is specifically aimed at EAL/SEN students who are studying history at Key Stage 3 as it allows the teacher to provide differentiated work in a self-contained worksheet containing clear and concise step by step instructions. The worksheets are both accessible and challenging, but also designed to provide a secure basis of knowledge of the subject matter with definitions of subject specific key words.

The time period begins in 1914 with the origins of World War One, and goes on to cover all aspects of WWI and its aftermath. It continues with the inter-war years including the Russian Revolution and the rise of the dictators and concludes with all aspects of WWII including technology, the home front and the holocaust. The drawings, photos, diagrams and cartoons illustrate a variety of key points in a visually exciting and imaginative way providing a wealth of information on the period for students with a limited knowledge of the English language.

The activities range from tried and tested techniques which include closed exercises, heads & tails matching, sentence starters, newspaper templates, flow diagrams, drawing and labelling. There are also novel ways for lower ability students to search and synthesise information such as highlighted reading for meaning exercises.

Decades of mixed ability teaching in inner city schools and a keen understanding of pedagogy have shaped the design of this flexible resource which is devised to make the day to day teaching easier by being simple to photocopy, modify and deploy.

51 Photocopiable Masters on CD – Price: £34.99 (£41.99 incl VAT)

Once purchased, the CD can be freely copied and networked throughout the school!

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Films for primary school teachers

Selected from the catalogue of films under the Concord umbrella here are some interesting and thought provoking films aimed at those involved in teaching or leading schools with primary aged children.

Valentines Day
DVD  5 Minutes

For teachers working with challenging children.

Six year old Jason is kicking, screaming and biting his way through school. Mr Valentine, his new class teacher, can’t cope at all, but one day Jason paints a picture that begins to reveal secrets that show a different side to this ‘wild child’. This resource pack is for use in training teachers and other professionals working with primary school children. It was created through drama workshops with hundreds of children and young people. It is designed to provoke debate among professionals about how to work most effectively with challenging children who may be at risk, using fictional characters.

£37.50 plus postage

Bellybuttons are Navels
DVD 12 Minutes

A simple and natural introduction to sex education for very young children.

A woman is reading at bedtime to her grandchildren, Jonathan and Megan, from a book which shows parts of the human body. As she turns the pages, she asks the two little children to identify the parts of the body……. A simple and natural introduction to sex education for very young children. USA.   

£25.00 plus postage

Constructing the Future
DVD 45 Minutes

This film studies the use of constructional toys in a primary school in East Sussex, where they are used for fostering visual-spatial experience, language development, social and personal development and play opportunities, early maths and design skills and the exploration of social issues. In this school there is a very positive equal opportunities policy, whereby the girls are encouraged in this learning as much as the boys, with rewarding results. 

£37.50 plus postage

Don’t stop at the door
DVD  27 Minutes

Parental involvement in an infants’ school.

Looks at parental involvement in one infants’ school in the Newcastle area. It highlights the underlying principles and practice which have to be considered in the process of parent-teacher collaboration in any school. 

£25.00 plus postage

In the light of Tradition
DVD  34 Minutes

This film portrays the successes and problems of an innovative community primary school in its first year. The content is a reflection of the time and commitment of a wide range of people, not least the staff, pupils and community of the school. 

Made in 1986 this film reflects the cultural attitudes and language of the time it was made. The issues raised however are timeless. 

£25.00 plus postage

Language Development
DVD 1983 20 Minutes

The study of language acquisition.

Based on studies of language acquisition, this film notes that children world wide progress through the same sequence of language stages at about the same rate. Through animation, we see how an infant proceeds in the first few months from crying through cooing, early babbling. Dr Merilee Oakes of USC describes over-generalization, resulting from a child’s novel creation of her or his own primitive grammar and finally, filmed sequences show Dr Premack’s laboratory of UCSB where chimpanzees use plastic word symbols to perform such basic language functions as word identification and answering questions. USA. 

This film is of historical interest and reflects the cultural attitudes of the country in which it was made. But the issues raised are timeless.

£25.00 plus postage

Audience  = Nursery and Primary School Teachers 

Rainbow Days
DVD  20 Minutes

A colourful multicultural festival in a London school

Nine schools in Thamesmead take part in a colourful multicultural festival. The Thamesmead Race Equality Forum was set up after racist murders of two black teenagers, and the aim is to do something constructive to overcome fear, and to celebrate the diversity of different cultures. Professional people work alongside the children and community groups in workshops and performances. Although made some years ago, the issues are still relevant today. 1997.
This programme can be rented on our Video on Demand system for £1.00. For this you can view as often as you like within a 48 hour period of your own choosing.

£24.40 plus postage

You can easily order by going to our website www.concordmedia.org.uk or you can order by e-mailing us at sales@concordmedia.org.uk Please put

Teaching maths to pupils with dyslexia

What is the most surprising finding from research in teaching maths to pupils who have dyslexia?

“Maths and Dyslexia”, first published in 1998, is probably the most ground-breaking maths volume ever produced.

It is ground-breaking because it faced up to the biggest mathematical conundrums of all time.

It has long been known that the most effective way of helping pupils who are poor at maths is through a multi-sensory method of teaching. 

But research has also revealed that self-esteem enhancement programmes will often raise maths achievement more than remedial maths teaching.

In its introductory pages “Maths and Dyslexia” asks how this can be the case and, for the first time ever, not only provides an answer, but also provides a way of combining the teaching of maths through multi-sensory means and a way of raising maths ability through enhancing self-esteem.

Indeed, it is not too much of an exaggeration to say that the opening six page section of “Maths and Dyslexia”, which reviews the research relating to maths teaching and self-esteem, is one of the most important reviews of remedial maths teaching written.

After this the volume offers a wide range of information on methods of teaching maths, methods of learning maths, and associated study skills.

It then goes on to provide a wide array of placement and progress tests and worksheets for pupils who experience difficulties with the four basic functions of maths, plus decimals, fractions and percentages.

There are also sections on motivation, memory, and ways of working with parents.

This publication also comes with 400 blank cards in various colours to be used with the activities given.

The resource is available as a set of copiable pages so that the pages which detail the research findings can be shared with colleagues and the worksheets can be copied and given to pupils.

The price, including full copying rights for use within the school, is £29.99.

You can find more information on our website.

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