Improving the safety and security of your university’s devices

What is the most effective way of improving the safety and security of the laptops, Chromebooks, iPads,
or tablets in your university?

An increasing number of ICT Technicians are finding that by using a plastic charging trolley to house their university’s laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, or tablets, they are better able to guarantee that they are safe and secure.

The ABS charging trolley supplied by NUWCO has a secure locking system, making it difficult for anyone to access it to steal the devices stored inside.

Therefore the difficulty of breaking into the trolley, or even attempting to steal the trolley itself, is a strong deterrent for any potential thief.

In terms of safety, the trolley’s plastic shell (which is, of course, non-conductive) will ensure that electrical faults are isolated at once, so reducing the risk of a student or colleague coming to any harm.

And the plastic construction means that the trolley is 70% lighter than a traditional metal charging trolley, making it much easier to move around and less likely to cause any injury when it is being wheeled from one location to another.

Furthermore, it is also better for the environment as the built-in Power Management system features an energy-saving timer module which will help to reduce your university’s carbon footprint.

Not to mention that the trolley is 100% recyclable.

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Ashley Hutton