Teaching maths to pupils with dyslexia

What is the most surprising finding from research in teaching maths to pupils who have dyslexia?

“Maths and Dyslexia”, first published in 1998, is probably the most ground-breaking maths volume ever produced.

It is ground-breaking because it faced up to the biggest mathematical conundrums of all time.

It has long been known that the most effective way of helping pupils who are poor at maths is through a multi-sensory method of teaching. 

But research has also revealed that self-esteem enhancement programmes will often raise maths achievement more than remedial maths teaching.

In its introductory pages “Maths and Dyslexia” asks how this can be the case and, for the first time ever, not only provides an answer, but also provides a way of combining the teaching of maths through multi-sensory means and a way of raising maths ability through enhancing self-esteem.

Indeed, it is not too much of an exaggeration to say that the opening six page section of “Maths and Dyslexia”, which reviews the research relating to maths teaching and self-esteem, is one of the most important reviews of remedial maths teaching written.

After this the volume offers a wide range of information on methods of teaching maths, methods of learning maths, and associated study skills.

It then goes on to provide a wide array of placement and progress tests and worksheets for pupils who experience difficulties with the four basic functions of maths, plus decimals, fractions and percentages.

There are also sections on motivation, memory, and ways of working with parents.

This publication also comes with 400 blank cards in various colours to be used with the activities given.

The resource is available as a set of copiable pages so that the pages which detail the research findings can be shared with colleagues and the worksheets can be copied and given to pupils.

The price, including full copying rights for use within the school, is £29.99.

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